Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twins playdate!

Our local twin group had a little playdate this morning and the babies, Lucy and I headed out to join them. Lucy was a bigger hit than the twins but we're pretty use to that around here. It's always fun for me to see the different sets of multiples playing and today there were even a set of triplet boys. If I must brag a little. . .well, ok, I must. . . I have to say that Bodie and Annelise are quite social and very well behaved at social events. Taking into account that there are two of them so things are always a bit busy I still must say they do very well and are always getting complimented on their ability to travel. Lucy kept a watchful eye on the babies and their cheerios the entire time. It was a lovely morning.


We finally had weather nice enought to get the babies out on the boat. While I cannot say they LOVE the new life jackets at least I can honestly say they didn't hate them. It was very relaxing to spend the afternoon at Arrowrock Dam with friends and Uncle Wade. Lucy had more fun than anyone as usual and we look forward to many more summer trips.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like Father Like Son

On most any hot summer night you can find our family near water. The babies haven't changed a thing so here you have them enjoying a sunny afternoon on the south fork of the Payette river. Both babies dawned new swimming suites for the occasion and were so proud to be part of the activities. We are so thrilled to share our passion of water sports with them and hope that even if they never hop on a jet ski or ride behind the boat, they will always love to be part of the fun. Both babies were troopers and we were proud to show them off. Seems that not a day goes by we don't just thank our lucky stars for such amazing babies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Weekend Pictures!

Just a few last pictures of the weekend. We had a WONDERFUL dinner at the Caruso house and enjoyed good food and great friends. The babies saw their first sea lions as well. The sun was shining and both Baby Bodie and Annelise were full of smiles the entire weekend. We had a great Father's Day weekend and hopefully Daddy did too. It's been quite a year for Daddy with the addition of two babies but he slipped into his new role like an old pro. We really wanted him to have a special weekend and we truly think he did!

Our Oregon Friends!

We had quite the turn out this past weekend at the beach. It was so great to see all our friends and there were many laughs to be had. Evan took a turn on the jet ski at the mouth while all the girls kept the babies happy. Needless to say the grown ups had plenty to do and it was great to sit and relax. The men did a little relaxing in the new hot tub at the Nogersons place. We are still teasing them about it to this day!

Beach babies in Oregon!

The babies had a great time on the Oregon Coast this past weekend. We spent the weekend at our friends house and had a blast. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends like the Anderson's to share our children with. They loved Aden's swing and eating sand is a new favorite activity. We also saw this new fawn and just had to catch a picture.

Babies at play!

The babies are always busy as you can see. They have just recently held their first kitten at Grandpa George and Grandma Linda's farm. The love to jump in the crib now and play in the ball pit daddy made out their swimming pool.