Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Dance!

Can you imagine walking through this life with someone who makes you so happy that you need to do the happy dance every now and then? Though there are times you pull each other's hair and pirate their most prized toy you just can't start a day without them by your side. When we see our babies hug each other, pat each other on the back, share a sippy cup, call each other's name, crack each other up, or sit side-by-side holding hands we are so grateful they love one another so much. However, no moment makes the bond they share more evident than when we see the happy dance. They are the music in our hearts!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is how we roll!!

Our friend Sailor taking us for a ride! She even spent the night and baby Bodie was THRILLED to see her the next morning!

Uncle Kurt taking us for a spin around the driveway!
Bathing beauties!

Heading out Easter morning to gather our loot only to discover our dog found and ate half of it!
Water world! Not the bad movie. Just the adorable kids!

It's been a crazy busy week! With no shortage of sun to play in we have literally been outside all day almost every day! Having a blast!!! The kids love being outdoors. Any outdoors will do as well. Last weekend we went to Clay Peak to ride dirt bikes and even though it was HOT, rocky, and super dusty the kids still managed to have fun. Bodie is cutting four teeth this week taboot and even that hasn't stopped him from playing non-stop. I can't complain about having outdoor babies!
We have also been working on the yard with avengance! Seriously, don't know what we were thinking when we landscaped this entire property! We must have been younger with no kids and ten times the energy. Today after we prune the last of our trees we will finally be on the planting stage and then just to keep up with the weeds. Two days of weed pulling. . . no joke. . . and I can seriously say I hope to never see another for as long as I live. Knowing that won't be the case, perhaps a gallon of Round-up would make a great gift!
With so many friends over to play the past 7-10 days I'm sure the kids won't mind a little R&R this week. A little more yard work, finishing up our small addition (a.k.a. the "Mancave"), and entering week 30 in this new pregnancy should be enough for me for sure!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paintin' Eggs!

Wade, Natalie, Angela, Lisa, McKenna, and Garrett getting busy!
Natalie dishing out some love to Grandpa while Nicole and Ryan bring their A-game to painting! We are looking forward to seeing Nicole and Ryan's new home soon and are excited and proud of them! We love having them over!
Aunt Angela was just shy of attacked by my kids to paint eggs. She was their "Go-to" gal for dipping in the colors! She was quite a trooper with color going everywhere!
Daddy helping the kids make some sticker collages. They were loving all the excitement!
Bodie would just run up and throw eggs in the colors! He loved it even though he could barely see what he was doing.
Annelise found that Uncle Kurt was the man for removing the paint from her hands! I think she loves to make a mess but doesn't like to get dirty!
Everyone knows you wash down Easter cupcakes with Corona!
Natalie and Annnelise.
Just a few of the eggs~
Is there anything more fun than painting Easter eggs? Maybe. . . BUT not this week! We had my family join us this past Wednesday for some good old fashioned painting fun! We also took the opportunity to celebrate my Dad's 66th birthday and my niece Natalie's 19th birthday. So it was three times the fun!!
My brother Wade brought over his girlfriend Lisa and her children for the first time this year. We really enjoy having them with us an are keeping our fingers crossed that Lisa and the kids will become a new addition in the Holtan family. How fortunate he is to have found such a great catch!
We hope everyone has a GREAT Easter and is blessed with good health and loads of happiness.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza!!

This past Saturday was our local Easter Eggstravaganza!!! Just saying it makes you give a little "Whoo hooo!" doesn't it? Well, as our second year in a row we feel that we are veterans of this tradition now! It was a beautiful day, to say the least, and we sucked up evey ounce of sun we were given! This is the first year that the kids have dashed through the easter egg scramble for candy but let me reassure you that they caught on quickly! Our basket was FULL!!! We were so fortunate that our friends joined us and the kids played fabulously together for the better part of 5 hours. The Ames family and the Amber and Anson Miller were great additions this year and we hope they'll join us again next year! It was great seeing all the kids, the Easter decorations everywhere, and of course a family activity is always icing on the cake! We are enjoying our kids so much as they grow!! They are so funny now days and just full of endearing expressions and humorous moments!
The weekend was followed up by a fabulous snowmobile ride Sunday in Prairie! The sun was out full force again and we couldn't have had a better day! The Ames family went with us again and their three girls are entertainment for us all! We just love hanging out with them!
Friday was also a great playdate at the Stancui house with Stacey's play group. What a great group of women and kids to call our friends! We even have new twin boys that we are friends with who are only five days younger. Fun! We look forward to Fridays now for very good reason!
We are so happy about the great weather and so many fun and new events with friends. Our family has really settled into a great spring pace already and we are lovin' every minute!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, What a week!

I don't know where she gets it! Annelise has discovered the one of only two tubes of lipstick I own and is THRILLED to see herself wearing it! She insists on getting ready with me most mornings and the result is that she now loves make-up! When a baby girl looks this happy putting it on, who am I to tell her no! She is not as thrilled when I take it off of her moments later however!
Miss MaeZee spent the night with us this weekend and the children hung on every word as she read them stories at the table. As always, the babies had a great time playing with her and we think she had just as much fun. . .until bedtime! Clearly, not her favorite time!
What do you think is making him this mad? The dirty floors that I haven't had time to clean? The fact he's wearing all dark grey and black? Or could it be his hair? Don't asnwer that!!!! I won't cut it!!!! I can't!!!! He'll look like a big boy and I only have a baby boy! I just can't do it!
Sometimes it only takes a second to empty an entire thing of milk onto your tray and splash it so far that mommy has to clean off the piano that's in the next room! I was only 10 feet away washing dishes! At least he had fun!
So, this week the babies are recovering from a cold and Annelise is on the mend from her first ear infection! Yuck! We were busy as always but managed to play plenty outside and are glad all the sickness is on it's way out!
Should you get a moment and feel so inclined, the tab on the right for Stellan really is an amazing story that will no doubt tug at your heart strings! To read his story makes us all a bit more grateful for the small colds that we get in comparison to his huge battle.