Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Multanomah Falls

If you have never been, well, you must go! It's just beautiful and the kids really loved watching the water fall. There is a nice hike you can do as well but we opted out this trip but the

views are amazing up high. Oregon is just such a beautiful place and we love the area and friends we have there so much! We are lucky it's so close. Hopefully the babies can return soon!

Good times!

Enjoying the sunny Tierra beach with friends!
A little Los Caporales for us all!
Marjorie and Annelise getting some girl time in!
Happy days bring on happy nights! The babies slept like a dream every night. One night even going 13.5 hours straight!
Just a few of the Motley Crew.

Let the Sunny Sun Shine!!!

The babies soaked up the sun all weekend! They were soooo good all weekend just enjoying the sun, waves, and fun! We still have sand EVERYWHERE to prove it!

Where did the summer go??

Seriously? Where did it go?? I thought I would post a few of our last water adventures with friends since I have been bad at getting new posts up lately. We went to Lucky Peak with the Padilla family and then Black Canyon with our jet skiing friends. You can see Bodie has a girlfriend named Crystal and although she is a little older. . .ok a lot. . . we still think he has great taste! The babies are going to miss the water once it gets too cold. I guess that means we'll have to vacation!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Then and Now

It's hard to believe it's been a year! As we look back we could not have even imagined how blessed our year would be. After our struggle to have the twins at all and then to deal with a premature delivery we can honestly say we feel like lottery winners! Bodie and Annelise have been such great babies and we have enjoyed sharing them with all our friends and family so much. Every day they do something or say something that just simply puts the biggest smile on our faces. What more could we ever ask for??? The two of them are the best of friends and yet they bite! Every day is filled with moments that I am so grateful to see and so sad to see go. Our circle of friends and family have been with us this year as well and we love every one of you for it! What lucky babies but more than that. . . what lucky parents!

Home Away From Home. . . Prairie!

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Boise is our little mountain town of Prairie. Bodie and I were taken to Prairie about 5 years ago by some of our dear friends and we have continued to fall in love with the town more every year. About a year and a half ago we were fortunate enough to become land owners there and hope to one day build our dream house were we can retire and live full time. Until then we just enjoy visits with the locals (all 75 of them!) and playing in all the beautiful country. Yesterday we hiked up to the end of Smith Creek with the babies and Lucy enjoying the beautiful weather and taking in the GORGEOUS mountain views. We followed that up with dinner at the Y-Stop, one of only two businesses, and visited with friends. The babies have grown so much since we were last there and everyone was amazed at how big they now are. We are so lucky to have our Prairie friends!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A week of play!

Well, it has certainly been a busy summer. We are finally starting to wind down from months of summer fun and we are beginning to look forward to our winter activities. Last week we spent MANY hours in our new ball pit playing and getting to know our colors. We also attended the local Art In the Park with our sweet friends Saydie and Nadia. It was a great year and we found lots of things we never knew we needed. :) This list includes a fancy new tutu for Anna and some glittery wings! Annelise was HILARIOUS as she danced to the band. We have a lover of music on our hands for sure with her and dance classes are just around the corner I'm certain! Bodie fell in love with Saydie's straw but who can complain when entertainment is that cheap? Finally, we hit the lake on Sunday for some of the last hot days. It was Nadia's first time out on a boat and she was sure a happy boater! We had a great week and just thought we would share some of our moments.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few more. . .

The babies in the ball pit. . . that is now a new piece of furniture! They love it!
Bodie giving kids a ride on the little dirt bike before the party started. It was a big hit!
Abby letting Annelise know the hat looks great!
Bodie loving the new loot!
Annelise crawling all over Jerianna. Both Bodie and myself just adore this woman! She is such a great mom and we learn a lot from her everytime we see her. She has the patience of a saint and can handle anything calmly. Those of you who know me know I can learn a ton from her!

Labor Day Weekend!

Bodie, Annelise, and the seldom seen photo of mommy.
Annelise and Bodie in their new wagon from the DeWitt family. This gift is a HUGE hit!!!!! They are also wearing some new fashionable hats from the Lefferts family. Very cute if I must say so myself!
Abby, Greta, and the babies in the very popular new ball pit, soccer field, pool. . . .good time toy!
Annelise, Stryker, and Bodie! This baby is so much cuter than my bad photo! He is a little love and so sweet! Makes a girl want one of her own!
My big kids at the track!

This past weekend we had a ton of fun with many of our friends. We hung out at the house and let the little people play and we also raced some goat carts as well as a wedding reception for our dear friends. Our friends the Mobleys and the Pierce family were here with us all weekend and we are so happy to have them any time they are willing to come over. We really do love to have our friends here with us. It's just so great to be able to make so many special memories with everyone and to watch the babies develope what we hope will be lasting friendships. It is a very wonderful life we have and we send many hugs to everyone that make it so!

Happy Birthday Bodie and Annelise!!!!

The babies have turned one!!!! Can anyone actually believe it?? We still call them babies and the reality is they are finally toddlers! We had a house full of friends and family the entire night and the babies were loved, hugged, held, and doted on for hours! Our friends from Portland even brought a keg of root beer for the kids and they were all in heaven pooring themselves soda from the tap all night. We had plenty of food, drinks, and cake to make any party great thanks to all our friends and family who made goodies. As you can see the babies loved playing in the cake but didn't really eat too much of it. They hadn't had sweets before and neither one was as thrilled as I thought they would be and I was actually happy about that. They made out like bandits on the gifts and have been having a blast playing with all the new stuff! I would have to say we all had a great time!!! The babies were exhausted and slept great that night as well.
It's still hard to believe they are a year old but what a wonderful year it has been. We were so grateful to celebrate with all our friends and family and truly feel blessed. Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate!!