Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Babies!

This Easter was a fun one! The babies had their first trip to the zoo for the "Egg Extravaganza" and the animals were quite a hit! In addition, this year Uncle Kurts family made it over for some competition egg coloring. Although no winner was officially announced mommy thinks her dragon fly egg was a dandy! It was so much fun that we are certain to do it every year from now on. Bodie and Annelise were decked out in some matching plaid outfits for Easter dinner at Grandpa Duane's house. We sure enjoyed just taking it easy and relaxing at one house instead of the usual run around but we missed our Bates family for sure. The babies add so much to every holiday and we continue to feel so very blessed.


We are often trying to get a great picture of the babies together but since it rarely happens I just had to post a few of the sweet ones on their own.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sittin' Pretty!

Annelise has been very determined to sit as much as she can now! The little man loves to keep here entertained in his crib with this toy that you kick and it makes noise like a Vegas jackpot machine. I hope we aren't training them for something else! Bodie has been a mega snuggler lately but it's hard to get a photo of that. He's pretty content to curl up in my arms and just hang out. Hopefully these days will continue until he's an adult!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Their new "thing" is holding hands. It's the sweetest thing to be strolling along and see these two itty bitty hands clasped in the stroller. We were at the zoo on Saturday and people passing by thought it was so sweet. If they can reach one another they are often holding hands or petting the others head. Their mini friendship and bond continues to grow. Love it!!!!

Annelise Sits!!!!!

Annelise covered a major milestone on Saturday the 14th! She is now a proud member of the sitting world! She's been pretty wobbley for quite some time now but she finally figured it out and now, even though she refused to roll, she has conquered a new skill. What a big girl! As you can see, Bodie is pretty happy doing the skydiver pose and then rolling over. He can sit with some assistance but isn't really interested in joining Anna's new club quite yet. We also had to catch the babies in their sweet outfits from Aunt Georgia before they out grew them. Thanks Aunt Georgia!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Winter pics!

This photo was taken of Bodie and his Daddy at 7 weeks. I just love to see these moments that are passing so quickly.

For the past four or more years we have been snowmobiling in a small remote town called Prairie. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our dream property up there last year and with any luck at all one day we can live there permanately. You can see how beautiful it is on photos but it's hard to express the warm and friendly atmosphere in a picture. What an amazing playground we hope to have as a back yard one day when we are able to build.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Special Gift

The babies had some portraits taken at 7 weeks and these are some that I had framed for their Daddy. I thought it was so sweet how the pictures represent them awake, crying, sleeping, and being together. Seems that just being born a twin they have naturally been given a very special gift. . .each other. We are so comforted by the fact that they have each other and that they will grow up with a built in best friend. How lucky are they!

Recent photos!

Eric caught Bodie catching some big air in McCall.
Why is Bodie shirtless? We'll have to ask Steve! Obviously McCall was fun for the men as well.
Nanny Bates comes for dinner and mommy actually makes it into a photo! These baby may never know they had a mom if it weren't for these rare moments! Ok, not really but it does seem more difficult to get a photo when you are always holding someone! Not complaining at all!

The icicles on the McCall rental house. They were literally 8"+ tall!!! It was so snow covered and beautiful. The Oregon crew really knows when to vacation in Idaho!

The Mobleys come to Idaho!

What fun! We were super blessed when Todd and Jerianna Mobley decided an Idaho trip was in their near future. The family loaded up and came over the second weekend of March bringing Evan, Gretta, and Abby for some more Idaho fun. The weekend was so much fun and between the snow and dirt I think everyone had something that they enjoyed. Gretta is the next Picasso for sure and when Abby crawled into bed with me at 3 am I knew that kid was trying to run away with my heart! Even and Big Bodie had some pretty special "Man" time riding and Todd shredded the local Trinity mountains on snowmobile with Bodie. The weekend was so beautiful and I can safely say that even though Jerianna and I didn't do much along the lines of physical activity, we sure had a good time. We LOVE to have people come visit and stay and it's even better when you just adore your company.

We eat Solids!!!!!!

That's right people!!! We eat solids. HURRAY!!!! As you can see, there is a debate as to how much makes it in our mouth but we are trying. I had to start the babies on cereal and prunes just shy of six months old because. . . well. . . let's just say they needed it! BAD!!!! So far they love it and enjoy making a mess just as much as eating the food. Can you believe they eat real food already?? Where did the time go?

McCall and Portland Friends!

As many of our close friends her in Idaho know we have become very good friends with a group of surf church riding, party havin', Food lovin', family friendly, lovin' their kids, kind of good timers from Oregon. Well, for the last 3 years we have rented a cabin McCall together to celebrate some fresh powder together via snowmobiles. It has proved to be a GREAT time every year and I look forward to it every year. The food, wine, winter sports, and laughs seem to be never ending. We have grown to love each family and are forever grateful to crazy Sam Caruso for waving us down one sunny Sunday afternoon on the sandy shores of Tierra Del Mar. Now if I could just take more pics for once! :)

February pics!

The babies continued to make great strides throughout the month of February. Bodie finally rolled over while Annelise was content to watch. Annelise decided that strangers were very scary but she would try her best to get to know them. They change so much every day and do so many new things that it's hard to write it all down. Bath time is ALWAYS a very calming and peaceful hour while the babies discover water and the simple ability to splash! Needless to say I often get soaked but it's always well worth the dry clothes. Both babies were in the 12 lb. area so we were very happy about that. Growing and getting big day by day. I hope it slows down so I can remember every detail!

January came and went so fast!

Both babies have taken a liking to books and as you can clearly see Bodie is a fan favorite of Dr. Suess.
Just a few January pictures to make everyone smile! We were having so much fun watching them grow and change. Who doesn't love a turbin on a baby?
Take note of the dirtbike T-shirt. Yes, Daddy did the shopping and annelise has a collection of her own. Daddy will have them out on bikes as soon as they can touch the ground!