Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!!!

I couldn't resist the chance to slip in some good 70's lyrics on this post since we, indeed, did stay at the Holiday Inn this weekend. I am pretty sure no one who knows me is very surprised. :) We packed up and hit the road again to celebrate the Big 30 with my cousin Brandy!!! Luckily, we got to see my Aunt and Uncle, Cousin Jessica and her son Weston, and Brandy's husband and children as well. It was a quick trip but the children had a great time and I think you can see why. The hotel was a child's heaven for swim adventures! In all honesty, I hadn't been to a Holiday Inn for quite some time and I can tell you, they have upped their game!! Good times!

Sadly, when I knew I would be going the only thing I said to myself was that I wanted pictures of everyone before we left. Cousin's with cousin's, the children all together in some sort of adorable pig pile, and some of my Aunt and Uncle as well. Do you think I was smart enough to do that? Nope! So once again, I kick myself. Without any photo's to prove it, I can tell you that both my pregnant cousin's look beautiful, their children are equally beautiful in all ways, and my Aunt and Uncle seem to never ever change a bit. It was a fun, all to quick trip, and I love and miss my family even more every time I get to see them. Happy Birthday Brandy Rose!!!

Brayton, Bodie, Logyn, and Annelise taking to the slippery steps! Brayton's belly!
Annelise getting brave enough to climb the steps and squirt the water on everyone below. She is not a fan of being on the receiving end of this contraption.
Good times!
Anna Banana having fun!
Brayton relaxing in the pool with Daddy. Kid is so calm and relaxed in the water.

The only thing that would have made this trip better was more time, more time, and more time with family.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cooke City. . .The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY!

This picture of Annelise pretty much sets the tone for her attitude the entire trip last weekend to Cooke City, MT.
The little fella's getting ready for a ride on the snowmobile with Daddy. Brayton was by far the biggest fan last weekend. He was outside the entire time and threw a huge fit when he had to come in. That kid loves the outdoors!!
Bodie cruising the street of Cooke looking for the girl's. :) In all seriousness, there weren't many grown women who weren't captivated by this little flirt. Even the gal at the "Buns~n~Beds" offerred to keep him for a while.
While we were gone we saw LOTS of Buffalo! I mean a crazy amount. They are some big and stubborn creature's and Annelise likes to call them "Buffalo Dog's". Yeah, not sure why?? On our way home, they refused to move from in front of the truck. We all loved it since it gave us time to really stare them down and check them out just feet from us. I love that my children have this fun memory.
There were some pretty amazing things on this trip. There were also some bummers. Sometimes we push our children too far and sometimes, they push us too far. Both happened this past weekend. The long drive at odd hours and little sleep seemed to not settle with the twin's and it proved to provide some crabby children. Usually, they LOVE any adventure and are truly amazing traveler's. It's one of the things we love about them so much. Last weekend actually ended a day early due to us saying the ever threatening quote of "Shape up right now or we are going home!!!!" Well, no shaping up came of it and I had no problem whisking them off to the truck and home. It was a sad end to a great vacation in one of the most beautiful places.
On the "amazing" side, we actually got to see a pack of six wolve's circle and try to attack a heard of three buffalo. It was like something out of National Geographic!! I never could get the wolve's and the buffalo in the same picture because when I was pulling up, it was already taking place and by the time I had the camera out, the wolve's had moved down the river a bit. However, it was just awesome to watch. I know that we all have our dream place that is just magical and mine is most certainly the mountains. There aren't words for the peace it brings me or the happiness I feel to have all of my family there at once. I have traveled to many places all over the world. I have seen eight countries and nothing is more amazing to me than those mountains.
I guess if the children had to be naughty, they picked a great place. We still had a great time with friend's and I even got to get out on the snowmobile for a while without children in tow. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that we never have a repeat performance!!! :)


You know, I use to do a lot of thrilling things every week. I use to climb crazy vertical mountains on a snowmobile and fly through class 3 and 4 rapids on my stand up ski. There were times riding my jet ski in the ocean that my adrenaline was sky high. Big pay day's from my own business were such satisfaction at the time. All of this I still do on a much smaller and lesser scale but there has never been, and most likely will never be, anything more thrilling to me than seeing this man with his children.

When I was young, all I ever wanted was every single thing I have right now. Even on the worst of days, there is always that moment somewhere when all I have to see is this man, those children, and I know that no mountain or rapid could ever bring this kind of thrill again. We are blessed and lucky.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last but in no way the least, our little man Brayton. When Brayton was born, I am pretty certain he was in charge from day one. He has always known what he wanted, has never been afraid to go get it, and is the most determined of the three. He has a die hard spirit for adventure and is scared by nothing other than the sound of the blender and being seperated from Mommy. The twin's doted on him day and night when he was an infant and between Mommy, Daddy, and them we are pretty sure we spoiled him to the core. He is a pistol and can test you to the limit but is also the absolute biggest cuddler of any child I have ever known. Nothing is better than being held and he doesn't mind begging for it if needed. He is sugar with a side of tobasco!
He has won our hearts with those huge dimples and blonde hair. The baby of this family but in so many ways, such a big boy. He is bursting at the seams with vocabulary and talks constantly. He eats as much as the adults do and yet has remained a pint sized ball of fire! This little man has a thousand expressions and can "woo" a crowd with them all. We are just in love, love, love with this boy and cannot express how much joy and excitement he has brought to our family.
Brayton, "B", B'Licious, Cheeky (the twin's nicknamed him this on their own), Bug, and one of Daddy's Peeps, he is as sweet as they come. Thank goodness for surprises because we can't imagine a minute without this little fella!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


He was the first born. The baby who had to bare the weight of his twin the entire time I was pregnant and even to this day, he would do anything for his sister. This little man is obsessed with his Daddy, motorcycle's, and all things that go fast. With this particular zest for speed you would think he was a dare devil but not at all. He is the one who studies something until he knows he can do it and then carefully plans his attack. He has a sense of balance that is seriously so impressive that the circus isn't out of the question for his career!
He started walking at 10 months and turned heads because he was so tiny doing it. His big brown eyes have stolen a few hearts in his day and isn't shy about letting the ladies know he likes them. Don't be too fooled though, he has an honory side as long as you are tall! He can throw a tantrum that makes you wonder where he learned his skills and will also make you question your own parenting skills. He is busy as busy can be and while he is awake, there is no off button in sight. All boy and all about dirt and destruction but there is nothing more pure than when this little man settles in your lap for some love. He needs his daily dose of hugs and kisses more than the other two and is the most happy next to a parent. His siblings both fight for his attention and he is usually kind enough to cater to them both.
Bodie, Bobo, Bobo on the go-go, Big Guy, Little Man, just to name a few. There truly is no one who loves their mommy more than her little boy or a truer buddy to his Daddy. This child has brought us unimaginable joy and we are blessed to be chosen as his parent's.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This girl is a little bit of magic, a pinch of spice, and a mother hen. She is brave and crafty, aggressive and shy, and a hot tempered drama queen at times. Since birth she has loved, loved, loved reading and would rather sit and read than do most anything else. You will be tattled on in a New York minute for breaking a rule in front of her but she can also be your best ally in the event you are planning a scheme.
We have always joked that Annelise would have moved out on her own straight from the NICU if we would have let her. Her independent spirit has made her our easiest child at times and our biggest challenge. She needs little when it comes to attention but loves it more than anything when she gets her alone time with us. It's just hard to put into words what a blessing our only girl has been. She is the leader of this trio and the assistant any mommy would love to have.
She is a compassionate girl with good manners and a kind heart.
Anna, Anna Banana, Nanners, Nanner pants, Shmanders, Chubby Bunny, and Daddy's girl! We are so thrilled we get to raise this little lady and are so proud of all the wonderful qualities she possesses. Every house needs a little bit of sugar and she is certainly ours!