Monday, July 27, 2009

The price of making memories!

Brayton was a big hit and my friend April's babyshower. This was her beautiful niece Courtlynn.

Daddy taking Bodie on his first stand-up jet ski ride!

Annelise watching her brother take off with our good friends Saydie and her daughter Nadia.

Bodie will be so thrilled with this picture of him and our friend Amber when he's older!

Annelise flirting with us all!

A weekly trip to the public pool.

Annelise and Bodie opening up presents from Great Aunt and Uncle Peggy and Jerry. A BIG hit!!!

As I walked across my kitchen floor the other day and bits and pieces of food stuck to my feet I instantly wanted to grab the broom and sweep! It was killing me that I was running short on time and had to pack the kids for the trip we were taking to the lake instead of cleaning my kitchen floor. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE a clean home and perfectly folded laundry. Armed with my Brother P-touch lable maker I am a crazy neat freak! However, that day, like so many others recently my floors had to wait.
It didn't dawn on me until it happened to me again just a day later. . . This was the price of making memories. The clothes have sat longer than they ever have upon the wash machine waiting to be put in their place and the dishwasher may not get emptied on the same day anymore. My baseboards no longer see a dusting ever other week and the garden. . . well, let's not go there! On the other hand, every time my children light up at our recent activity or seeing a friend at a playdate makes them scream in delight I don't even think for a split second about the garden or those baseboards.
Yep. . .I wouldn't eat a thing off of my floor people! I would wear your shoes inside if you were smart and I certainly wouldn't give me the white glove test unless you want to make me cry. This is the price we are absolutley willing to pay every hour of every day so that our children can experience every joy we are capable of giving them. One day I hope they look back on their lives and think fondly of the fun adventures they went on and the great people they shared them with along the way.It's a small price to pay for making memories.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

TV-less land!

Black Canyon boating. "May I eat your toes!"
"Did someone say Volleyball?"
Annelise posing as a model!
The Wheeler girls at your service!
My boy giving Frank a run for his money with the blue eyes!
We had to use the fork lift to pick up the massive piles of tree limbs. We let the little guy drive!

Beaches are for naked people silly!
Yogurt. . . .EVERYWHERE!
Did I tell you that we don't have TV here? Well, we don't! Nothing! Not even the local stations. Our television is no more than a static highway and has been for about a month. To be honest, I was " cutting" back on things I didn't think we needed and tv fell into that category. We actually enjoy not having it most days and we also get out even more than we already did before. As a result of this new lifestyle I think we have been boating 4 times in a week, pruned all 20 trees and island, had about 4 playdates, and made something new for dinner almost every night in the last week. Throw in all the meals for the kids, baths, laundry, grocery shopping, and what a week. PHEW! Oh yeah, thank you cards and baby announcements too! Now that I write all of this I am tired and need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

28 days. . .and counting!

28 days old that is! It's hard to believe 4 weeks is already upon us and even more amazing how much he has grown! The children have really began to notice him and in a good way. They kiss him, hug him, want to lay next to him, and most of all they love to burp him. No one has stepped up to the plate to change diapers yet but I am ready when they are! When I look at them all three together it just makes me so glad that life will be filled with memories that they all share. One day they will sneak out of the house together and tell us about it when they are grown and we'll all laugh and recall all our years together under one roof. They are a gift to one another and the biggest of gifts to us. No matter the economy I know one thing for sure ~ Life is good and I have a feeling it is only getting better.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July is flyin' by!

Just another day at the races with our Dad!
Annelise sitting poolside at her playdate with the Fraiser bunch!
He does this a lot. . . sleep!
Living on the edge!
We're certain he's going to run off and join the circus one day!
My brown eyed boy!
No picture I take looks like him to me but at least you can see his bright blue eyes here.
Calling my Daddy!
Here it is the middle of July already! Can't report much but more of the normal activities. You guessed it. . . playdates, riding of something with a motor, and friends over for food! We were at the race track a couple days this week and Daddy even brought home a second place finish! Not too shabby for a man who hasn't been riding too much lately or sleeping due to a new family member! We were quite proud and the kids enjoyed their rides around the track on the mini three wheeler and dirtbike. Motocross will hopefully be something we can all do together one day as a family. We all love being together and the dirtbikes are great camping, trail riding, racing, or just taking a little zip around the yard on. So far both the twins light up when they see Daddy start the engine and quickly run for their helmets. Who knows, we may be raising the future Ricky Charmichael?!?
We had a fun swimming playdate today with Andrea Fraiser and her family to start off Brayton's three week birthday. It was pretty cute that her daughter ,Ashton, didn't remember the twins being boy/girl twins so when she saw them today she was a little disappointed that they didn't look alike. She had to ask "Mom, where are the twins?" At least she was thrilled with the fact that Brayton is still so small and she was in baby heaven with him. I must say though, taking three children swimming is not for the weak at heart! It was a challenge trying to get the twins in the water with their life vests, the baby kept in shade, happy and fed, and all the while making sure no swim diaper had a blow out! The twins snacked more than they swam but who am I to say what a good time is to them? Food is the way to their hearts for sure!
I also must add. . . .one night I turned on the light to find the first mouse of my entire life in my house! For real!!!! I am still freaked out and there are traps everywhere there cannot be little hands. I'm on a mission! Sorry to everyone who reads this and is shocked and horrified that I am trying to kill them. . . but I am!
Another mission is tree trimming! I am a little less than half done and with any luck I will tackle the rest tomorrow and the pruning shears can be hung up for another month or two. YEAH!
Lastly, the baby is doing fabulous! Growing like a weed and the experience of having a full term baby is just so different. No worries about maintaining body temp, less germ worries, you don't have to watch weight like a hawk, you can simply throw the little critter into your life and keep running! He is a cuddly baby and loves to curl up in my arms. He is an easy baby, unless you make him super gassy by eating broccoli and then of course you can expect to stay up all night with him which is what we learned last night! :) Seriously, he fits us like a glove and doesn't even mind the twins towering over him or patting him whenever they need a little baby fix. Life is great and why shouldn't it be? We have three amazing, healthy, happy, and loving children.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two weeks notice!

He already raises his eyebrows at us!
Annelise at the lake.
Just a little naked play time in the yard.
Malibu Baby!
An afternoon at the pool playing airplane with Daddy!

The only photo I have with all three in it at home. Go figure one is naked, one is alseep, and one is playing with cobwebs!

Gotta just love her!
Shoveling in the strawberries!
Boy and his best friend!
Upload images. . . upload images. . . .That is what I read when making a new post and let me tell you, I'm trying! I'm trying to upload every single second that my children are small. I am desperately trying to not forget one single solitary moment of their lives and somehow it is flying by at the speed of life! It has already been two weeks since we added another sweet boy to the mix. He is already 7 pounds 8 ounces and I'm almost certain he is even bigger as I write this.
Our hands are indeed full as can be with three children under the age of two but there is simply nothing more wonderful. So if there is someway I can upload all these moments, upload all the perfect images, and upload every laugh. . . I would gladly like to know how.
The past two weeks have been so busy with so much to share. We have had TONS of amazing family and friends stop by to meet Brayton and relish love upon the twins. It's been great! As many who know me know, I am not one who likes help but I do LOVE a friendly visit and people who simply stop by so we can enjoy some quality time together. Lucky for us a bunch of friends and family brought food and we have been eating like Kings! Poor Bodie was about to waste away so Thanks to everyone for keeping him alive! Besides all the visitors we have managed to hit a 4th of July party with good friends, made a few lake trips with both friends and family, and had the usual round of Dr.'s appointments for Brayton and me. We took in an afternoon at the pool, a few playdates, and an evening at the park as well. I don't mind all the action since Brayton and myself lay pretty low while the kids run around and Daddy helps round them all up at the end of the day. It sure is nice to be getting back to my old self and the baby is so easy that I can't say I have a thing to complain about.
The twins have also adjusted quite well to their new brother. I honestly think they are far more worried about each other now that they can torment each other by stealing toys and milk cups from one another. Annelise likes to make sure he always has a burp rag and she holds him a few times a day but next to that I think they are waiting for him to do something other than lay there looking at them. Not a bit jelous yet either but they never have had the spot light to themselves.
All in all, we are recovered, getting into a new routine, and enjoying our newest member of the Bates house to the max! Life really is good. Now if I could just upload every minute. . .