Friday, November 27, 2009

Post 176. . . Turkey time!

Our family!
Our Ham this year was super cute!
Learning to become a ham like his brother!
Madison and Annelise loving the baby!
This season brings mud. . .and we LOVE mud!

You read that right. . . .176! Really? Do we really have that much to say that we can fill 176 posts??? Apparently we do! As I stand here thinking this my mind is also flooded with all the things I forgot to share with everyone. For instance: Brayton is now 5 months old!, Annelise has declared herself a BFF and her name is Izzy, Bodie has a HUGE obsession with all things motorcycle, snowmobile season has started, Annelise was on the news for three days straight thanks to Boo at the Zoo and channel 7, and all the little play dates we do every week! All of these things are showered in humorous one liners from the twins and bright eyed smiles from Mr. B (aka Brayton!). If only I had the time to share everything with everyone. I guess the best thing to do is come and visit or we will come to you!!!
Just yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with loads of turkey and great food! The company was great but I am going to tell you about the food first because it was seriously that good! We went to my brother and sister-in-law's house this year. They had over quite a bit of Angela's family and we all brought a dish while Kurt fried the turkey and made stuffing. This was the best idea! Everyone seemed to bring their BEST dish and the result was a new and super yummy dinner! Believe it or not I did a jello dessert and it turned out fabulous thanks to my dear friend Paula.
We all ran around their house like hooligans and the kids had a great time with family, friends, and Bella the spoiled bunny! We have a lot to be thankful for this year and I don't mind saying so.
We are thankful for each other and our families, friends, and people that enrich our lives everyday. We are thankful for the home we share, the ability to provide for our family financially and emotionally, for our health, and most of all the love that lives in this house. This house is a happy one and there is no amount of money that could be better than that. Thank you God for another year and for all the things we don't have.