Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a heavy load!

What I see here is a Daddy with two of his three babies.
What I see is a Daddy taking his family on vacation.
I see a man that is devoted to this beautiful family of five with all his heart.
I see a man that takes the time to make memories with us all.
A man that provides for us on his own so that I can be with our babies at home.
A man that loves us, forgives our faults, and holds us dearest to his heart.
What I see here is a Daddy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Travels to and from!

Annelise with the wind in her hair!

Some of our favorite friends with growing families!

Hanging out on the beach watching the surfslam event.

Not our best family photo but the only one from the trip.

Brayton. . . .poor little fella is always in the bjorn while I'm snapping photos. I swear, we do love him dearly and love to see that little face on film!
Bodie all snuggled up in his cozy jacket.

Daddy and Bodie taking a ride on the beach

Enjoying the sun on the three wheeler!

Daddy and the babies watching some kite surfing on our trek home.

Summer is drawing to a close and as we try to capture the last of the sunny warm days it seems I have fallen off the blogging wagon. As you can see, we have been busy little bees!

First we had a visit from Bodie's childhood friend, Russ. He brought his daughter Avery and she proved to fit in perfectly here. The kids played so well together that we were sad to see them return to Washington. Catching up with people who know you so well is really a special thing for us and we truly appreciated our time together.
Of all the exciting things we have been up I would have to say that the entire families favorite adventure was our recent trip to the Oregon coast! We had a mini six day vacation and enjoyed every single moment to the max! There was an event we were planning on attending on the beach call Surfslam which proved to be amazing! Riders, who we have the privledge of calling friends, from all over the world came to compete in a stand-up jet ski competition. As they pulled thrilling trick after trick we watched from the sandy beach with children in tow. We did plenty of riding ourselves and the kids thought they were in heaven!
For the first time ever we hired a babysitter for the weekend named Dezi. She was serioulsly the BEST sitter ever and I loved hanging out with her while she provided an extra hand. The babies were each able to have some one-on-one time with me us as well. She should write a book on childcare! I lovingly call her the "Baby whisperer" and I am sad she lives in Oregon. Annelise just loved her and it was nice to have someone so easy to be around. Ahhhh. . . .we miss and love her lots!
The other special thing about our trip to the coast was seeing our Oregon friends! As the years have passed all of our friends families have grown and watching everyone with children is so much fun. It is one of my beliefs that you should surround yourself with people you admire and want to be more like and they will rub off on you eventually. I must say our Oregon friends prove this to be true. We have always admired their ambitions, committment to family, and sense of adventure. Now we can add great parents to that list and it will give us one more reason to return to the coast other than the ocean and amazing riding.
The last few weeks have been flying by and our newest member is rolling over and cooing like crazy! Three babies is certainly a challenge but with every day that passes we learn a little more and it becomes a little less chaotic. Now, off to new adventures!

Monday, September 7, 2009

This is how we do it!

Maybe you have already seen this face? But did you see the dimples???? I love those dimples! Just want to kiss them each and thank them every day for showing up on that dear face!

Annelise in the Black and Decker eye goggles from our new power tool kit! The kids have been "fixing" everything! She just thinks she is so silly! And really, she is!

There is no better time to dive into a freezing cold river than the moment you are about to go home. Since they were having so much fun we decided to stay a while longer and the kids really thought they were in control.

They ran back and forth from this mud pile a hundred times! At least they were running to the water to wash it off! Well trained!

Clearly thrilled with themselves!