Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The burning question. . . . .

Notice anything different about our baby boy?
Oh! What's that you ask? Why is his right hand bandaged in what appears to be a bulky sock? Well, I hate to even tell the story but at least I can do it without tears now! Not to go into details that have been heard a million times already but to put it simply, our boy burned his hand! OUCH!
We were having such a great night! Brayton was happy as ever and we were all just laughing and playing together before bed. Our normal nightly routine. Daddy lit a fire in the woodstove and the kindling was burning down when he went to get a log to put on the fire. I was quickly helping Bodie with a toy when I heard the scream and turned to see my baby crawling up in the stove!!! In seconds we had him under the cold water and Daddy called 911. The fire had only been started for 5-8 minutes but the glass front was already hot and the damage was done. The Ambulance arrived in less than 4 minutes and we were on our way to the hospital. It was so sureal to even go through that it hardly seemed possible.
While in the ER they kept consulting with a burn center in Salt Lake City and we were waiting to find out if we would be transported to Utah. Scarey doesn't even come close to describing my fear. The word "skin graft" was thrown around like it was a done deal. We were sad, worried, sick with guilt, and just aching for the pain our baby was dealing with. They were certain that he would need at least a few skin grafts. I can't imagine had that been true!
Thanks to the hundreds of prayers and well wishes God decided to spare the boy any more pain and we were told the good news two days later! Best news ever! It happend 16 days ago and proabably needs another week or two to be back to normal but we are indeed grateful it wasn't any worse! He has been such a trooper as well! Hasn't even bothered him and for that we feel blessed!
Daddy and Bodie on his 50!
Sitting on his new toy!
Just too funny not to post! Annelise is our resident comic for sure!
Yo Pippy, YO!
Brayton also broke two new teeth this week!!! Four teeth total now so he has gone on strike against any and all baby food! He'll take the real deal please!

River runs through it!

Need I say more?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mommy thoughts. . .

Mother's day weekend sure makes you think. Every year it hits me like a slap in the face. I am a MOTHER! It was the only thing I ever wanted to do as a child and the only thing I prepared for as a young adult. Years as a nanny loving somebody else's children wishing I had my own and then coming to the realization that I may have none.

What a journey! What a wonderful journey!

Had it not been so hard and so long I don't think I could have appreciated the announcement of twins! The weeks in antipartum on bedrest before they were born or the emergency c-section that saved my son's life. The long weeks in the NICU that meant so much to me and taught me years of experience in 16 days. I don't think I would have known to cherish every second and find every joy had the journey not been so hard.

Now here we are with three beautiful children! This year I am a mom of three! Three amazing, funny, crazy, caring, energetic, creative, thoughtful, wondering, curious babies! I spend my days playing with the toys that clutter our house and being covered in the food that is the wallpaper of my kitchen. Parks are my new "hot spot" and happy hour is a little more like nap time. My favorite outfits are ones that can handle a dose of paint or marker and my best hair style is one where I can always detangle the little hands that have styled me to be "pretty". My hip and trendy hand bag carries size 3 and 4 diapers instead of lipstick and taxi numbers. Evenings are spent checking on our cargo of babies instead of flying by the seat of our pants to our next weekend get-a-way.

It's all I ever wanted. All I ever dreamed of and more than I ever dared to ask for. I stay home with my babies and love on them, teach them, and do the very best I can for them. Our family is abundantly happy and no matter the economy and our wallets, we are rich as the King of Prussia! Mother's day reminds me of the most amazing journey. . . . for which I am forever grateful!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Brayton. . . .

Brayton! The mega heart melter! Seriously, this boy is nothing shy of the biggest lover in the world! At 10 months old he crawls at a face pace, says "Dada", "Mama", and "Baba". He doesn't even have a bottle or anything to call Baba but it still sounds sweet. He still will not take a bottle of breastmilk or anything else, still refuses to sleep all night, and thinks his mommy is the best thing ever! no wonder I love this kid! ;)
He is at the most darling stage! The stage where picture books are amazing and his twin siblings are the coolest people on earth. Where their toys are the best thing since sliced bread and no one can talk him out of doing it himself. He eats everything we eat and can do it himself! He has a sippy cup of water and knows when you are shmoozing him just to eat the food on his tray. He is fast and loves a mean game of peek-a-boo! Can pinch you when you least expect it and knows how to give the biggest, wettest, slobbery kisses!!!! Like sushi. . . you have to try them to know how amazing they are!
Just when you think he has won you over. . . .he nuzzles his head on your shoulder, rubs your chest, and falls asleep in your arms. There is nothing like a little boy named Brayton. Because when he does this I can assure you that you will have lost the fight. You will surrender to the the insane sweetness of our 10 month old boy we call "B". I know we did.