Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brayton Elliot is here!!!!!

Brayton Elliot made his grand entrance in to the world on June 24th at 1:35 p.m. Weighing in at an impressive 6lbs. 13 oz. and 20" long he has made our family complete! After a routine check up and appointment to go over what would have been a planned c-section, Brayton decided to show us all who is boss! His little heart rate wasn't what it normally is and with the drop Dr. Archibald decided to let him come early instead of taking any risks. What a relief! So just an hour and a half later we were holding our newest family member!
There is lots to tell and plenty to share , however, as you can well imagine I am a busy mommy! So, perhaps this evening I can share a bit more. Until then, thank you to everyone who called, came to visit, helped and has been loving on us all the last 6 days! We feel great big arms around us and it feels pretty darn good if I must say so myself. We always say it and once again it's true. . . .We have the greatest friends and family EVER!
Welcome Brayton Elliot! We love you and can't wait to learn who you are!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tick-tock. . . tick-tock. . . tick-tock!!!!

This morning Bodie was obviously worried about the swine flu outbreak. Perhaps he should worry more about his hair! YIKES!

Annelise thought she was hilarious in Bodie's hat!

Corvette Connie at the Eagle Days Vintage Car show. Who knew poodles could drive?

Although we were rained on, while we were waiting out the thunder showers Bodie and Annelise found some sweet little girls to play hide-n-seek with. I wish it were this easy to make us all happy! I also must add that no matter how good or bad your photograohy skills are, it's hard to take a bad picture of happy children!

The days and months have slowly widdled away and here we are at the end. The last week of being a mother of two and family of four. The last week that I will be able to hold both my kids at once and not leave anyone out. My final week to call Annelise my baby and Bodie my best boy. Although we know in our hearts that a week from now we will be richer than we have ever been and happier than we could have ever imagined, it is still for some reason a little bitter sweet to watch the twins become a big brother and sister. It's hard to imagine how there will be anymore room in your heart but oddly enough you have faith that the space will grow as needed.
A week from today we will ,no doubt, be holding our new little boy and we hope all goes well and he makes his debut healthy and happy. I doubt I will have time to post again before he gets here but I will certainly post pics of him ASAP! Until then its just another chapter in our very exciting, wonderfully happy, and more than we ever dreamed for ourselves amazing lives!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parks and Pools. . . Oh my!

Those are some BIG brown eyes you have there!

Who knew 10" of water could be so fun?

Hoola girl!

Ride em' Cowboy!

Annelise and her good buddy Rhyann.

Bodie is SOOOOO BIG!

Can you ever get tired of swinging?

In the last seven days we have literally been busy as a bee! We have had three great playdates at three different parks, played in the pool at the YMCA, had two OB appointments with Mommy, one night at the river, a special trip after dinner to the Dairy Queen, friends over for dinner, LOTS of errands that weren't too fun but had to get done and a trip to Midvale to celebrate Grandpa George's birthday! WHEW! Tired? Us too!!!!
In an attempt to wrap up all the little things around here that need to get done we have run ourselves ragged. The days have flown by and it seems the "To Do" list isn't getting any shorter. At any rate, we enjoy being productive and as I do all these tasks with two one year olds in tow I often ask myself "Where will we put #3?" Should be interesting but we wouldn't want it any other way!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two peas. . . .in a river!

Finding the right rock isn't easy!

Playdate with our Thursday group at Memorial park.

This is what a 21 month old looks when he knows he too close to the water without his lifejacket.

Uncle Kurt and Daddy with the twins.

Annelise and her best Uncle.

That's us! Two peas in one river! You are probably wondering if we do anything else all summer other than play at the river and in the hills. Let me think. . .NOPE! What can we say? We love to be outdoors and we love our friends and what makes it all better is that the twins love it all too! So, we met our weekly playgroups at parks this week and headed to the beautiful Payette for a few days of fun. The water is so cold right now that the kids are not even tempted to go any further than ankle deep but that's alright with me. I would hate to get wet myself! :) Pregnant girls don't swim ya know! Hehehe!
Annelise has really taken to her Uncle Kurt and was super happy to see him and cousin Kedar show up one day as well. We BBQ'ed, played in the dirt, threw rocks, watched the riders go up and down the rapids at the dam and had a great weekend. Bodie was happy just o be near his Daddy. The little guy really misses him when he's at work and the weekends are always sacred to them both. It's amazing to see how close Daddy is with his babies. I don't mind being chopped liver if I'm second to that!
On a new baby note. . . with lots of contractions the little fella may make his debut any day or any week. Technically he has until the 26th to get out of his rental but as long as he's healthy we would love to see him any day!