Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lake Babies!

Baby bottoms!
Annelise enjoying her last minute of life-jacket free fun as we got ready to take off!
Sailor keeping the babies happy!
A little time to BBQ on the grass.
What a week! Our entire family spent three straight days and evenings on the water this past weekend and had a great time! We were lucky enough to spend it with a different group of friends every day and we also had a little family time. We BBQ'ed and relaxed at three different lakes as well which was fun. It's always nice to change up the scenery. My brother brought some of his family up Sunday and my nephew and our friends daughter Sailor were fast friends. It's nice that our friends have such great kids and we just enjoy watching the twins make new friends. They are so happy to have other kids around all the time and we feel blessed that this is a common occurance. Our babies have been so surrounded by great people their entire life! It's amazing that they will be a year in a few short days!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Western Idaho Fair!

Although I hadn't been to the fair in YEARS, the babies and I have been about 4 times already and it's not even over! Annelise is such an animal lover and both babies love the lights and excitement that I figured why not while it's here. Both Bodie and Annelise have been nibbled on by the goats and in return the goats have had way more lovin' than they bargained for from the babies. In their new BOB stroller from Grandpa Duane they are super cozy and don't mind the heat when they are that relaxed. YEAH!
Daddy and Annelise at the fair! What a pretty pony Daddy picked for Anna! She loved the ride and got a real thrill out of finding me on the outskirts.
Bodie and Mommy coming around! Bodie being such a thrill seeker kept his hands up the entire time. He was super busy looking all around tryin to figure out why this one is so much bigger than the one at the zoo???
If you give two babies a mouse?? One of our outings was with Stacey and Wyatt Cline. He is just the cutest thing EVER and was so much fun. At three years old he is so articulate and has been for some time that it's great to hear all the things he is thinking. What a fun day we had!
Staceh holding Bodie while the clown entertained the children. Bodie is naked, again, because he poored his water all over himself and was sitting in a pool, literally! It was a great day. Not to hot but just right and the babies thought Wyatt was so much fun to watch. The babies sure got a lot of attention for being twins but at least that sort of stuff is starting to fade. Being a twin is sure fun for them but sometimes they get a little invaded.

Summer fun!!

Annelise looked very sassy in my vintage swimsuit from 1973! Swimwear has come a long way in the past 35 years but we had to bust it out at least once this summer. The reality is that both babies end up running around naked by the end of the day but we like to look like we try to keep them in clothes. As usual, we have been having a wonderful time on the sunny banks of the river. Many of our friends have finally come up to join us as well this past month and we think they are having just as much fun as we are!
The babies bursting with curiosity about everything!
We are always spending so much time at the lake or river that I haven't felt the need to get our pool out for the kids. This past week I thought we'd give it a whirl! It was a huge hit with Bodie and just alright for Annelise. Bodie loved the sprayer and so did Lucy but Annelise thought the water could have been warmer. It was still a new activity and we love those!
Naked babies poolside! I decided that the birthday suit was the way to go here. Why not? I would have joined them but I'm not sure our neighbors are ready for that. . . or myself!
Stephanie, Bodie and Doug. . .yep, that's a crab he's got. . . getting ready to float down the rapid. It's a class 3 rapid so it's not little but they all survived! It was lots of fun watching and it provided many rounds of entertainment for us all!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

MK Nature Center with Miss Nadia!

Nadia and the twins hanging out in the park after a visit to the MK Nature Center.
Nadia leading us through the nature center one hot trail at a time!

This past Thursday we were lucky enough to get Miss Nadia all afternoon to ourselves! Nadia is the daughter of one my dearest friends and we just love her to bits! The three of them had a great time checking out the nature exhibits and and seeing all the great fish that are on display. It was 101 degrees out that day and we were all ready for some cold beverages in the park when we were done. We cut our outdoor activities a bit short due to the heat but we all ended up making cookies instead so I would say it was a pretty fair trade! Any day we get little Miss Nadia is a good one! She certainly puts a great big smile on all or our faces!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

NICU Picnic

As the twins birthday rapidly approaches it is never far from our minds what a miracle they are. There is always a risk when pregnant but for obvious reasons the risks that go along with multiples is also much higher. Although our babies only had a 16 day stay in the NICU, we are very aware that we were blessed and lucky that Bodie and Annelise are healthy and happy babies. As we walked around the annual picnic hosted by St. Lukes we saw the babies that are still on oxygen and others that are still so very small. It was a great chance for us to be reminded of how fortunate we are.
While we were there we were able to visit with one of our favorite nurses Julie and her son William. She also has boy/girl twins and was a great support for us while at St. Lukes. The twins also got to hang out with fellow twin friends Corbin and Zane. Two very cute boys! Lastly, they also had a great time trying out the slide and swings. The night was an overall hit and we are grateful for such good times with our babies. Lucy, as always, was the biggest hit of the night! Kids were way more interesed in her but then again she's use to that!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fetch Lucy, Fetch!!!

It's clear who the dog lover is in the family. Annelise could play with Lucy all day and never tire. She cracks up when Lucy chases a toy or swings it on front of her. Even Bodie loves to be entertained by the two of them. He's more into crawling now days than sitting stationary for too long so it's hard to get his picture.

Bye Bye Whitney!

Our Whitters went home last week and we miss her lots! The babies were super happy to have a silly buddy to play with and our entire family is a little less entertained without her. We all hope she comes back soon!