Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bodie Burton

This little fella is all about a good laugh! He loves to make his sister laugh and is a comedian for anyone willing to watch him. He is a mommies boy and will curl up on my shoulder all throughout the day. Although he's tiny, he is strong!!! Already interested in numerous activities that all involve thrill seeking! He is sweet to the bone!

Just Annelise Lucia

Annelise is a super sweet, funny, and very smiley little girl. She is very particular about the way she does things and isn't afraid to speak her mind. . . even if we can't yet understand her. At times she is very sensitive, especially regarding her brother and strangers, and yet she is a lot tougher than she looks. While a dare devil at heart she also is the most likely to cuddle for hours. Since the twins spend so much time being compared we thought we would "Spotlight" them all by their big selves!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Favorite activies of the day

The babies have a few sure favorite moments of the day now. When the babies wake up the morning we always love to bring them into our room and just cuddle with them. They are so playful and chatty in the morning and after a long night of sleep we sure miss em'. Another thing they love to do now is chat with each other in their cribs. It's hilarious! They sit with each other and laugh, blow bubbles, and keep each other on their toes by stealing pacifiers or toys. Then there is any time food is near! Believe it or not, my little 15 lb. babies can pack it in! They LOVE to eat and would do it all day if we let them. They also will eat anything. These are not picky eaters at all. Thank goodness! Lastly, bathtime is always fun. Bodie knows if he splashes water everywhere he is sure to get a good laugh out of Annelise. He is really in love with her and she with him. What a great buddy to have!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the River Rapid

The afternoon on the river with our friends from Oregon was a lot of fun. All the guys had some great runs and were so much fun to watch. The babies were most certainly impressed with Daddy and his big air! Another beautiful summer day in Idaho.

A Day at the Races

The babies had a great time a couple weekends ago watching Daddy race his motorcycle. The crowd was impressed with both Daddy and the babies. We hope our future holds many more fun filled race days. Even Uncle Kurt and Kedar came out all weekend to cheer Daddy on.

Funny faces!

The babies are always making new faces and capturing them on film is quite a task. Bodie and Annelise are both changing so much every day and it bitter sweet to watch them get big.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a few pics until I finally get a minute to download the more recent adventures.
Can you see me?

Annelise has soooooo many expressions! We love them all!
She looks like this everytime she thinks food is near!