Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall photos!

The petting zoo at the Pumpkin Patch. Annelise is drawn to animals like a moth to a flame. She could have stayed there all day!
Bodie roping a bull. . . or just sitting there pretending!

Daddy lovin' on his babies at Clay Peak last Sunday.

Corn box at the pumpkin patch. If you think it was easy to keep the corn out of their mouth, well think again! These kids clearly don't get enough to eat!

Is she cute or is it just me???

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the local pumpkin patch the other day with the kids and it has proven to be a hit!!! The babies went on a tractor ride via a bull cart, hayride, petted some animals, picked out pumpkins, and played in a carn box! It could be just me but is fall the most fun ever for kids??? We have had the most fun EVER lately and hope it never stops! The colors, the weather, the new activities. . . We love this time of year!

Boo at the Zoo!!!

Well, we waisted no time getting right into the swing of things. We returned home from California late Friday night and hit Boo at the Zoo Saturday with the kids. Bodie was a bear, since he already has his ROAR down and Annelise was a fairy princess. Simply bcause I couldn't resist! There was a whole new African wing of our zoo open and the babies, and parents, LOVED it! The baby giaraffe was so sweet and the kids had a great time! We just savor all these moments with the babies. It's so much fun to see them learn about new things and to see the excitement on their little faces. The zoo seemed so new all done up in Halloween style and we will be attending every year for sure!


Nanny Giarrusso going over Anna's new pile of toys with her.
Anastasia, Isabella, Annelise and Uncle Jerry having some couch time together.

Daddy and Aunt Peggy laughing at the kids!

Davina, Ryan, Daddy and the new best friends Anastasia and Annelise.

Bodie was often found in the arms of Aunt Rosanne. He really took a liking to her but who could blame him??

Simi Valley or bust!

Uncle Jerry is as sweet as any uncle could be!
Aunt Georgia, Kim, Daddy and some fussy babies in Sacramento. Not every moment is your best!

Bid and little Jerry with Anastasia and Isabella. The little guy was in love with his adorable cousins! Annelise was just happy to get some more attention!

Their first time together! Instant best buddies! Nanny Giarrusso has a special way with babies for sure!

Great Nanny Giarrusso. She's almost 93!

Here are a few images from seeing the Giarrusso side of Bodie's family in Simi Valley California. The babies had such a wonderful time seeing everyone and meeting Great-Nanny Giarrusso for the first time ever! It was a trip well worth every mile and we are so appreciative to everyone for all their hospitality. Aunt Peggy even made a special prime rib dinner for 20 family members!! That's a brave woman!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

California Babies

A little lovin' curteousy of Lisa Price.
The little guy was adorable driving the fire truck at the Pismo Beach Pier. We attended the local Crab Festival and had so much fun. Lots of people for the babies to watch and many new things to see.

Bodie thought that Kristie Dady was me. . . How flattering!!!!

Apparently he thinks he needs more sun screen?

The babies pretending to be big riding the jet ski.

We traveled all over California over the last week and a half visiting friends and family. I wasn't as good with the camera as I should have been I did manage a few pictures. We are so lucky that the babies love the beach so much!!! They play all day and rarely put up a fuss. Of course they eat their weight in sand on a daily basis but I'm hoping there is some benefit from it that we are currently unaware of. The weather was PERFECT!!! We were blessed with sunny warm days everyday and lots of friends we don't see often.

Grandpa George pays a visit

Grandpa George was in town a few weeks ago and stopped by to give the babies some love. They love it when he pays a visit! Since we have been so busy lately I am a bit behind in posting. Sorry!