Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Us. . .

Sweetest Girl on Earth!

Pumpkin' Patch Rediculousness!

You knew it was coming! I cannot, cannot help myself when it comes to the Harvest times festivities. I am a sucker for them all!!!! I guess it doesn't matter where we live, I manage to find every pumpkin patch known to man and then we frequent it like a bad habit!

Mazes keep is running!
Bodie being so disapointed that you had to be 6 years old to ride the zip lines. You know, 6 is his favorite number of all time so that will certainly be a magical year when it finally get's here!

"Come on ride the train. . . .and ride it!" I had to say that!

The corn box!

This year, the owner's of Papa's Pumpkin Patch were flooded out. Their home was destroyed and a lot of the grounds that host the Patch every year. This was it's temporary location but I thought they did an AMAZING job! The combine and trains all made it to the new spot so the children could see and play on something familiar. It's a family run venue and they make everyone feel like a relative.

Simple fun.

Bodie and his buddy Truett having a great time!

Annelise doesn't need the action, just a pretty little pumpkin house will do just fine!

We have already visited a few times but our first trip we went with Truett and Rocco! They have proven to be a lot of fun and have a great family that we adore. Makes it all even better!


There are just some things that my camera cannot catch. There were HUNDREDS of butterflies in these photos. HUNDREDS! It was like we were at a butterfly sanctuary or something. We went outside the other day and were greated by hundreds of Monarch's and little yellow butterflies.
We were also playing with colored bubbles that our friend's, and landlord's, gave the children for their birthday. They are the greatest fun. . . .outside! :) Thankfully, my children were only green and orange for a few hours. They really do wash right off and are such a treat!

It was so thick with Monarch's that they were climbing on the children's fingers. We have recently checked out "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly" from the Library as well and were thrilled to have just learned about Monarch's.

It sounds so corny to say but it was so magical. My babies were being surrounded by butterflies and Annelise was in absolute heaven! It was like a gift I could never buy but was so glad to receive. There are moments like this that happen and I don't get a picture or end up writing them down but this one, I wasn't going to miss.

I wish it would have photographed better but it was truly amazing. They all still talk about it daily and there are still quite a few lingering around that remind us of that moment. It was one of those times with your children you hope you never, ever forget.

Big Stuff to a Kiddo!

Every year around the children's birthday's we set up the standard Dr. appointments just to make sure we are all A-Ok! When we were in Idaho, I adored, no let me rephrase that, I LOVED our Pediatrician and Dentist. I was certain that I would only be discouraged with anyone else. Well, not so, no so!

These are the Hygenists at Dr. Goebel's office and they were sweet as the day is long. Our children were so thrilled with them and when the Dentist sang to them they were in seventh heaven!!!
Everyone has fabulous looking teeth and the older two were complimented on their great brushing while Brayton was actually told he could take it down a notch. Not sure if I ever mention how he use to love brushing so much that he did it 3-10 times a day! His teeth look great but the Dentist thought he would have more fun playing than brushing so lightening up wouldn't be a problem. Bodie was the only one who had a tooth under watch for a developing cavity.

At our Pediatrician's office we were excited to see the Dynamic Duo is growing!!!!

Another great find, after many interviews, we have Dr. McDonough.

Anna tips the scales at a whopping 32 lbs. now and Bodie heads up the rear at 28 lbs. He's a pint sized powerhouse!!! Still on the small scale but certainly healthy and happy!!!

Shut the Back Door, We Finally Turned Four!!!!!

The morning Bodie and Annelise turned 4! I was going to do all sorts of "Then and Now" stuff but I am honestly not ready. Four is a kid!!!! No more "toddler" talk. We have kids! Children!! Luckily, children who loved their new computers and have been faithfully playing them since they were opened. It was a great morning and they got to wear crowns at preschool the next day. Crazy hair and all, they turned 4!

Preschool. . . .Here We Come!!!!!

This year has brought so many fun changes in our house but none more exciting than the start of preschool!!! With the twin's having a late August birthday, they miss the cutoff dates for numerous programs but FINALLY, this year we are preschooler's!

They have looking forward to school since I enrolled them last February. That's right, I said February! We barely made the class as well and were thrilled that they would be together in the same room on their first year. They both got a jump start on the day and were ready to go right on time! I let them both pick their own clothes and I love that they ended up sort of matching. The only part they were concerned with was leaving Pippa and Polly.
I might pass out of "cuteness" overload here with those backpacks! They were full steam ahead and so excited to get to their room.

The best part of it all was that there wasn't a tear from either one. It was one of my best "Mommy Moments" ever! It made me feel so great to know that we have raised children so confident and secure that they weren't afraid to go the morning without us. For children that have almost never been babysat, I thought that was great! Maybe it's just me, but I was a really proud Mom!

Brayton loved going, too! So much so that when they were out of sight, he cried all morning without them. :( I never even imagined that he would be so sad. He just missed them so dearly. The hardest part for me was picking them up. I about burst into tears when I saw how well they did, how much they loved it and big it made them seem. Bodie told me "It was more awesome than I ever thought" on the way home and really, it was WAY more awesome than I thought, too.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Together. No matter where we live, no matter what we are doing, all that matters is that we do it together.