Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brace yourself!!!!!

Our babies still take two naps a day. I know, I know. . . .and YES. . .I am serious! Recently we have tried to widdle this down to one nap and as you can see it's very hard to do! The little guy was eating his morning snack and I was getting clothes out of the dryer when I turned the corner to find him half asleep in a granola bar. He was simply too stinking cute not to video tape!

Non-stop weekend!

Annelise had her toenails polished for the first time ever and was sooooooooo thrilled! Her favorite summer dress and ponytails topped her and she was proud as a peacock!

He looked like a natural to us at the river on Monday!

Bodie hitting the Dam in Horseshoe Bend on Monday.

Isabelle with her glasses and chicken out on the boat! Too cute!

So the weekend continues. . . . We weren't quite done having fun so we took it upon ourselves to add Tuesday to the Memorial Day weekend! With that said, our boat had to make its maiden voyage for the year at the Black Canyon. We polished her off, added some great friends, a little fried chicken and away we went! It was a nice afternoon for all and even though the water was FREEZING (ask Sam, the only one to actually get in it!) we had a great day. By the evening though it was apparent that our babies needed a little R&R so today we are simply relaxing and enjoying the nothing on our schedule.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

Annelise and Sebastian. He just turned one!

Campfire boy!

Abby and the girls in the background.

Here are just a few pics from our Memorial Day weekend. . . still in progress! I just couldn't resist showing off how sweet these babies are! We started our week off with GREAT playdates Thursday and Friday at new parks with some new and old friends. I even had the opportunity to play catch up with a friend from high school who has a daughter only 2 weeks younger than the twins. With the crew of friends constantly building the twin will be so lucky to have a great group of kids to play with all summer!
Our Saturday was filled with sun and fun at Arrowrock Lake with Uncle Kurt and Aunt Angela. Annelise has always really loved her Uncle Kurt but I was almost heart broken while in the middle of smothering him with kisses and doritos she waved bye-bye to me as if she would be just fine chillin' with her Uncle! I acted like I was leaving and she was perfectly fine! AGHGH! Personally, it's great to know she loves him to bits and is fine all by her big girl self but a HUGE reminder that she's getting big! Bodie was tickled pink all afternoon picking weeds, playing in sand, eating snacks, and throwing dirt. He captivated all the ladies with his charming ways as usual and soon he'll need to be called Casinova!
Sunday we headed for our favorite mountain destination. . . Prairie! Bodie had a BLAST getting dirt bike rides, finding sticks, and running up and down the hills with Annelise. There were lots of men there and the little guy is certainly a Man's man and fit in perfectly like one of them! Annelise has a good friend, Isabelle, that she just can't get enough of. The girls chased the dogs, showed off their art work and babbled some sort of language to each other that only they can understand! All in all we had the perfect mountain day. BBQ, sun, dirt bikes, friends, and our favorite place on earth!
Today we are off to the river rapids to play again as soon as the babies get up from morning nap! I hope we can some how incorporate the memories of the people we love and have lost into our day as well. With such an amazing generation that has gone before us I know it won't be hard. Not to mention the babies have a Grandpa and a Great Grandpa, and a cousin that are Veterans and it's never to early to tell them how GRATEFUL we are for the sacrifices they made! Have a Great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Race is on!

With only a few weeks to go I thought I would post this cute video of the Bodie chasing Annelise. For no good reason other than I cannot get enough of them and am just certain the rest of the world feels the exact same way. Between his adorable run and her contagious giggle I'm not sure what cracks me up more and as the weeks narrow down we hope to have many more moments with the twins just to ourselves. It's still hard to believe that these two will be a big brother and sister soon! Sooner than later now! HOLY COW!

Monday, May 11, 2009

May Day! May Day! May day!

Don't get too excited. . . I couldn't think of a more clever title so May Day it is! Obviously we have been up to our standard outdoor adventures but I thought I would share a few pics. I've been a little behind on posts lately but what's a girl to do? The kids have been having a blast playing with friends, going to our standard playdates and taking turns riding on toys. Six more weeks left and we'llbe posting about 3 children! Stay tuned as things get more exciting around here!
Bodie and his Harem of cutie pies playing ball at Big Willow.
Annelise watching a herd of sheep. They came within about 20 feet of her and she was just in love with them all. After all, her favorite stuffed toy is her baby lamb. Who could blame her for loving these adorable creatures?
This is one of those moments that was far more funny if you were here BUT when we checked on the babies one night this is what we found. Bodie is notorious for sleeping in funny positions but this one really cracked us up. Daddy and I laughed pretty hard. . . guess you had to be there!
Did I forget to mention we have a future fashion bug on our hands. This is honest to goodness what she picked out all by herself. I had NOTHING to do with this entire outfit. She LOVES to dress herself and who am I to stop her? If she feels pretty then why not! What I would give to feel so pretty everyday! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Looking back. . .

One year ago they were just barely crawling and scooting along. One year ago there were no skinned knees or scratches to tell the story of where they had been or what they had been up to. One year ago we were still napping three times a day and eating only baby food from a jar. One year ago we were just learning to take a bath in the big tub. There was little hair to style and no teeth at all. Look at the difference a year makes. It's bitter sweet to see time fly and yet I know a year from now I will say it all over again. My babies are 20 months old as of yesterday. Twenty wonderful, amazing, life changing, perfect months old!

The tight rope walker and the flosser!

Maybe I'm the only parent on the planet that allows their children to walk to ledge of the crib railing. Maybe. . . maybe not! My theory is this. . . If you (small child who is learning from everything you do) are brave enough to check your balance on the one inch crib rail then I (mother of twins who are obviously not scared of heights or walking on narrow surfaces) will let you try. What is the worst thing that can happen? It's not too far up that I fear massive injury. It's not like I'm making you walk the plank of a pirate ship. They seem to be thrilled at testing their balance and I'm totally entertained by watching. It's probably a good thing that I didn't get my camera fast enough to show everyone the little man doing the same thing NO HANDED just minutes before. Yes I am serious and yes, I did feel the need to stop that trick. Maybe when he's 21 months old I'll let him try again!
Until then he'll be flossing! My kids have ALWAYS been a fan of flossing. Usually they love brushing their teeth as well. The only thing they could take or leave is mommy and daddy helping them brush. However, flossing has been a boarderline obsession around here. Every morning the little guy gets his floss and pretends to floss himself. Soon after his teeth get the OK, he moves on to helping Annelise floss hers. She loves to let him pretend to floss her teeth. Since Annelise actually has a few teeth that need flossing I help out at the end but they both love it dearly!

Perhaps all this is a sign that we have a future Dentist on our hands or perhaps Tight Rope Walkers! Either way I know they will love what they do! Until then we will be scaling the walls or keeping up on our oral hygene. Happy May day!