Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No such thing as a "Wordless Wednesday!"

I can't even try. . . those of you who know me know that "wordless" isn't something I am. I should be more often but instead of trying to be something I am not I have decided to throw in a few words.
Lately, the one thing that has abundantly clear to me is how much our children love each other. Obvioulsy, they are siblings and they should but it's been different lately. Lately they have hugged randomly for no reason what-so-ever more times than I can count. They have

loved on Brayton to the brink of suffocation! He takes it well though! It makes us laugh until our sides hurt and it also makes us proud. We can't help but feel we are doing something right and I hope they will keep it up! Our dream is that it never ends. . . We love you Bodie, Annelise, and Brayton!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everybody loves Brayton!

It deserved a second posting don't cha' think? Cute!!!
Happy + dimples = Brayton
Not a fan. At all!
Is a few weeks too late to post about our baby being six months old already? No. . . I didn't think so either! As crazy as it sounds to say our baby is getting big! He started sitting at the beginning of December and is still doing great! They always seem so big to me once they can do this. We still have our occasional fall but there are twin two year olds buzzing by him at a rapid fire pace to distract him so I totally understand.
Along with sitting we have started solids. If you call rice cereal a solid. With the twins, they loved any and all food. They were great eaters and never turned away a single thing. Brayton. . . not so much! His idea of a good meal is not something served up on a spoon. So far his favorite is carrots but even those are difficult to get in him. Clearly he isn't starving so I will rid myself of worry.
Speaking of his appearance, Brayton has made some great strides in growth as well. He is 16 lbs. 3 oz (30%) and 26" long (50%). Quite normal in his weight and height but to us he seems like a giant! Those little feathers atop his head are coming in light as ever too! We predict another blonde boy when there is more of it to judge. Blonde, bright blue eyes, and dimples. . . life should be hard for this little lover!
The very best thing I have to report though is his personality. What a cuddle bug! He is easy, content, strong, and has a laugh to draw anyone in! His big brother loves him more than any of us I am certain and Annelise adores him as well. We are still waiting for an ounce of jelousy to come but so far we are happy to report just the opposite. The twins can hardly pass him without kissing him or yealling "BaBeeeee!" For that we are grateful. He has been a light in our lives and we are blessed beyond words that he is here with us. We love you B!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome New Year!

Alright people! Normally I don't dive into person thought or my own agenda. Well, today is different! Most of my friends know I have a facebook page and regularly communicate with friends and playdates on there. It's always been a fabulous source for keeping in touch and finding people you miss. However, after the recent New Year posts it dawned on me. . . SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people could use a real talking to! A kick in the rear! A mental pick-me-up! So, although many of you are already clicking off my blog page, I am going to share a few thoughts with you! With everyone and I hope the feeling spreads far and wide!
This Christmas was certainly the least we have ever spent or recieved. It was by every stretch of the word a strain to pull off but it never dawned on us to be miserable. I keep reading things about how horrible 2009 was. How it was the worst year ever. How we should all wish it good riddens. Well, I can't argue it was hard. We have never personally been so poor. We have never lost anything because of money until this year. We struggled to keep our employees afloat and finally had to sent them to unemployment and it broke our hearts. We DO understand.
What I don't understand is how so many people can be so negative about portfolios and bank accounts. It's money! Yes we all worked hard for it and perhaps it is gone but the great thing about money is you can always make more! Find the will, find a way, find the lesson we are all meant to learn here. Listen to the bigger picture and find something amazing about this struggle. I know it's been hard for us all. Grab a good friend, lean on your family, and CHOSE to be happy! We are all victims of our own thoughts. Decide what that will be for you!
Now I know very few people read my blog but here are our highlights of 2009~
The birth of Brayton Elliot! The twins turned two and are talking up a storm! We had work for 90% of the year! We still have our home, our health, our family, and our friends. We made new friends and made memories with the old friends. We have another year to tell those we love that we do and this year we will welcome new family members and watch others grow and excel! What a blessing it is that we have all our parents and no one is ill! We are alive and happy. Happy and thriving! 2010 better watch out!
My resolution is only to chose happiness EVERY day! What will yours be?