Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three years ago. . .

The twins are thick as thieves and the best of buddies. I know I already posted this shot last post but I just love it. The two of them loving their best pal Lucy and being within feet of each other as usual. Who would have thought three years ago that this is where they would be? On the river shores of their future home 1100 miles from where they started.
They started out so small (4.13 lbs. and 4.10 lbs) and so fragile it seemed. Although they couldn't roll or really squirm too far they always managed to end up touching hands or some part of their body while they slept. Even today, they don't sleep without the other one in the same room and neither one likes to be far from the other for very long. The lay on each other and hug without prompting which always makes us smile. Their is a bond between them that is rare and special. Fortunately for us we have watched it flourish for the past three years.
Annelise was such a content baby and that has carried over into her toddler years as well. She still loves her books more than any other toy and is in love with anything princess or hello kitty. We always joke that Annelise is so independent that she could live on her own if we let her. She loves her ABC's and can color a mean page from her strawberry shortcake color book. Not much of a cuddler but when she needs a little love she will crawl up and demand it. Not a single person minds giving in. She also potty trained herself a long time ago and is quite impressive with her skills! She is our resident dare devil and often only needs to prove to herself she can do it and after attempting something once. . . she is done. Very verbal and expressive she is also our bossy pants in the house and can often be overheard letting her brothers know who rules the roost. A sharing girl, a compassionate girl, and very thoughtful. She even yelled "God Bless You!" to a stranger in the grocery store who sneezed recently and will always ask if someone who falls is ok. This girl is sweet as the day is long and at almost three years old we are more smitten with her now than ever!
Itty bitty Bodie Burton. In the beginning this boy outweighed his sister by a whopping 3 ounces but now trail behind a whole 4.5 lbs. Tiny whirlwind of might power, this kid is excited about everything and a Daddy's boy from the core of his being. He is still the man's man and loves all things dirty, wheels, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and some good tools! He loves to cuddle and suck his thumb while rubbing your earlobe. So sweet but his little brother could pass on the ear rubs! Although he isn't the slightest bit interested in being potty trained, he is fascinated with the thought of taking off his training wheels already and loves his bike! He loves to ride anything with a motor with his dad and can be found tinkering in the garage beside him almost always. The boy loves chocolate milk and his dog. Twinkle twinkle is his favorite song and I love it when he asks me to sing it to him. Although he is a Daddy's boy, he loves to cuddle with me and I couldn't love it more. He already loves girls and parties so we are scared of what is ahead. This boy melts hearts daily and ours are included!

It's just so hard to believe that on the 30th it will be three years since I held my breath when the Doctor said they would be here today. So hard to believe that I have had the privledge of being their mom and God trusted me to their care. Seems like yesterday that these beautiful babies were a dream we hoped for and now I write this with three years of memories and a heart bursting with love for them. We laugh so hard at the things they say and do. What a riot they are together. Our lives are ever changing and as I reflect back on the last three years I can honestly say they have only changed every day for the better.

Happy Birthday Bodie Burton and Annelise Lucia!

We love you!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Glue that Binds

Three amazing kids at the Dakota Zoo in Bismark watching the bear have a lazy day.
The twins loving the best dog ever on the Missouri River beaches.
Three babies all in a row.
One sister smothering her brothers!
Life has been exciting to say the least lately!!! Two weeks ago the kids and I headed back to North Dakota for another visit with daddy. The miles are long but they pass quickly knowing we get to see Bodie as soon as we arive! Living in the camp trailer with all five of us does not pass as quickly but we made the best of it for sure. However, a camp trailer it won't be forever because. . . . . .WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!
I know. I can't really believe it yet either. Actually, I think I am still in denial about it. Denial that we have to leave this home we all love!! The home our babies were all brought home to. The home we remodeled and made our own with our own hands. So sad that I have to find a renter and a place to rent. I know a home is where you make it and all that but I love it here. I love the view from my windows and the green grass that stretches forever out our front door. I love the nursery that I painted myself and the trees we planted that grew up so tall like they were happy to be with our family.
It's just harder to do than I thought it would be.
On the other hand, Bodie has become the most ambitious man I know!!! We are all SO proud of all his hard work and I really admire his tenacity. Bodie and the crews have been working nose to the grind stone 12-16 hours a day and we are all climbing out of this financial hole together. Feels so good to bring the employees with us as well. Their loyalty has made me admire them more as well. We can't do any of this without them and we are grateful beyond thank you!
There is so much to do and so much to figure out yet as we change out lives so drastically but these three beautiful children have been our glue. With few moments to talk to Bodie and few days together even when we are there, it is these amazing children that pull our heart strings tighter and make us press on. Keeping this family a unit, taking care of each other, and knowing that we do what we have to makes the change possible.
They are our glue.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dancing Queen. . . and Kings!

I know, my blogging has been few and far between. Then when I make a quick come back it's short lived. Well. . . .I may not change anytime soon. However, here is a snipit of our days. Enjoy!

As many of you know, Bodie is a working maniac in North Dakota right now. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity and trying our very hardest to make the most our of it. The bad part is we are all seperated my many miles. It has been over 45 days since it all began and we have only been together as a family for 6 days of that and 3 short nights. We seem to be getting use to the change and the children have been so great! They miss their daddy and so do I but we are like so many families just trying to make some lemonade! Three small children all by myself is certainly keeping me busy and not giving me a chance to get upset about the distance. Thank goodness! :)