Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bigger, bigger, and bigger yet!

Is there any way at all you couldn't just love them? Now days they often say "Take my pic-cha" so I do, happily!
Great kids of my dear friends! The little blonde girl in the front was caught trying to carry Bodie under the trampoline so they could get married!!!! Tatum sure loves him! I can't complain either! We would be lucky to add her to our family. . . in about 20 years! ;)
Annelise climbing around at a trip we took to Monkey Bizness. They had a great time and loved that mommy and daddy were both there!
Monkey Bizness made our little man happy as well! He is so cute I cannot stand it! Seriously!!! Makes me crazy not to cuddle this baby all day. He is so sweet as well. Plus, an added bonus is that he now kisses. Very slobbery but well worth the wash!
Daddy and Bodie sliding super fast! We must have climbed this 1000 times!
This is the first time Annelise and Bodie mixed the colors! They have always loved to keep them seperate so it was great seeing them mix away. Our play-doh is a daily good time that they both love!
Morning sleepy heads that still want a picture taken!
Ready. . . Set. . . . GO!!!!!!!
The weather had been amazing and we have been dining outside often, playing in our parks near by, and soaking up the warmth!
Brayton at a birthday party rockin' his sun hat!
Bodie posing. . . .Love him!
Can you see my kids in this race for pinata candy? Good. . . . neither could I!!!! Our fourth pinata this month and I am not kidding! Near pro status at this point!
Big Willow riding in the warm sun!
If the baby is happy, everyone is happy!
This is how I clean the baby! JK!
Easter egg hunting at home. Go Bodie GO!
Warming our tootsies on a brisk morning by the fire. A favorite thing to do over here.
Anna's first fat lip. It was way worse than this picture shows but by morning it was almost gone. Go figure.
Pinata fun!
Easter dinner at Nanny's. Brayton had fun playing with cousin Natasha.
More toe warming.
Dress up! Another daily activity that cracks me up!
Daddy teaching Bodie to ride a 50! Watch out world!

Obviously, we are busy! No time to post all the details but I thought I had better get the pics up before summer hits! We are really having a great spring and loving the change of weather! Somedays we literally cannot believe how fortunate we are! The only detail I have time to write and the most important but it's true! Love our family!!!!