Monday, September 20, 2010

Where I come from, Rain is a good thang!

When it rains. . . . .
. . . . it leaves puddles. . . . . .

. . . . and what good are puddles. . . ..
. . . .if you can't play in them?
Well, in this family, when it rains and makes some puddles and those puddles make some mud. . . .well, you do what any decent person would do and you jump right in!!!!!!!
I knew the second I saw these puddles of mud in North Dakota that we would be in them in no time. So I stripped the babies down, threw caution to the bugs and grime all around, and let my family dance in the mud! It was a GREAT afternoon and the kind of memories I hope they will look back on fondly. There was only a FREEZING cold lake to wash off in but we didn't care. It was an absolute blast!!! My children were thrilled and I was covered in mud along with them. North Dakota, our soon to be home, has already proved that it is ready for us to jump in feet first!

Yes Sir, That's my Brother!!!!

This is my brother Wade. You have probably seen him before somewhere on this blog. I say somewhere meaning I have no idea where but I know he is in here numerous times.
Wade and Annelise loving up on each other!
This is how we all feel about Wade.
Recently, my brother Wade made a choice to save his life. He made a choice to come back to his family as the man we all know and love and missed so much. Not only did he do this, he did it with avengance!!! Wade is over 50 days sober and we are soooooo proud. Makes me cry to write this. I don't tell you (the few people who read this blog) to dish dirt or spread something we aren't proud of. On the contrary! I write this post to encourage ANYONE struggling from addiction. He couldn't do it on his own and now he is THRIVING! He has made me and my whole family so proud!
There are days when I lose my patience and I get frustrated and in all honesty it is awesome that I can look at him and know if he can do that then I can do better myself. It's a blessing to have amazing brothers and Wade is certainly one of them! The other thing I have noticed is that not one member of my family has judged him or been negative. How WONDERFUL it is to know you can belong to a family where your mistakes and falls in life will not be held against you. Wade has opened my eyes and made me love him and my entire family even more. To raise my children in the walls of this family has been one of my greatest gifts ever.