Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Favorite activies of the day

The babies have a few sure favorite moments of the day now. When the babies wake up the morning we always love to bring them into our room and just cuddle with them. They are so playful and chatty in the morning and after a long night of sleep we sure miss em'. Another thing they love to do now is chat with each other in their cribs. It's hilarious! They sit with each other and laugh, blow bubbles, and keep each other on their toes by stealing pacifiers or toys. Then there is any time food is near! Believe it or not, my little 15 lb. babies can pack it in! They LOVE to eat and would do it all day if we let them. They also will eat anything. These are not picky eaters at all. Thank goodness! Lastly, bathtime is always fun. Bodie knows if he splashes water everywhere he is sure to get a good laugh out of Annelise. He is really in love with her and she with him. What a great buddy to have!

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