Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parks and Pools. . . Oh my!

Those are some BIG brown eyes you have there!

Who knew 10" of water could be so fun?

Hoola girl!

Ride em' Cowboy!

Annelise and her good buddy Rhyann.

Bodie is SOOOOO BIG!

Can you ever get tired of swinging?

In the last seven days we have literally been busy as a bee! We have had three great playdates at three different parks, played in the pool at the YMCA, had two OB appointments with Mommy, one night at the river, a special trip after dinner to the Dairy Queen, friends over for dinner, LOTS of errands that weren't too fun but had to get done and a trip to Midvale to celebrate Grandpa George's birthday! WHEW! Tired? Us too!!!!
In an attempt to wrap up all the little things around here that need to get done we have run ourselves ragged. The days have flown by and it seems the "To Do" list isn't getting any shorter. At any rate, we enjoy being productive and as I do all these tasks with two one year olds in tow I often ask myself "Where will we put #3?" Should be interesting but we wouldn't want it any other way!

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