Friday, October 30, 2009

Brace yourself. . . Here are a few more pictures!

Brayton looks very concerned. . . very!
Annelise and her Baby in Mommy's bjorn.
A little fall motorcycle ride for the boys. We love our time in the hills just soaking up fresh air and family.
Our fluffy pumpkin and scary dragon!
Boo at the Zoo with Daddy.
A little mini-dragon and Minnie to start my day off right!
Making sure everything is alright.
The rare family shot at Boo at the Zoo.
Yes. . . it would be hard to love her more!
This is where you should be to watch mommy and daddy cook breakfast. Best seats in the house!
Nobody loves Bratyon more than his brother. . . I mean this for real!!! He loves him beyond words and can hardly pass him without stopping for a kiss. Makes my heart smile everyday!
Baby B!

Between the beautiful scenery and my three energenic babies I'm not sure how I even busted out the camera but I did! The baby is 4 months now and the twins have rolled into being two year olds like seasoned pros! Their vocabulary exploded overnight and with so much to do lately it's been a challenge keeping it all on record! However, as you can see we have made our ritual efforts in getting to anything and everything relating to fall! My favorite time of year will soon be over ,so in the mean time, I must run and soak it all up!


~Sophia & Noah's Mommy~ said...

so adorable!!!! Everytime I look at your blog it makes me want another baby! If you can do it I can do it too. :) I just love the minnie costume too. :)

The Campbells said...

Brayton is getting really big! Cannot get over his bright blue eyes! You all look so cute together.