Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Gingerbread house time! Whoohooo!
Bodie eating his weight in candy!
Annelise at play!
Secret secret, I've got a secret!
Eating the Gingerbread house. Two weeks and still tastes good!
"I'll take ya where you need to go brother!"
Santa Brayton!
Annelise Christmas Eve.
Everyone gathering outside my Brother's house to see his Grizzwald light show timed to music.
Holiday cookies and best buddies!
Uncle Kurt with Brayton
The Grizzwald house. . . aka Kurt and Angela's!

Who can believe the year is already coming to an end. Just a few short weeks away from what always feels like fresh beginnings. Like so many people, we have been scaling back this year so please take no offense if a Christmas card did not make it into your mailbox. We thought we would write a little holiday note here for all our friends and family.

It sure was a busy year! Winter sports, trips to the mountains and the coast, new friends, lots of toddler fun and the arival of Brayton Elliot! We have grown as a family and have hit a great stride now being a unit of five! Although the twins have been the light in our hearts, I must say that as cliche' as it sounds, Brayton has made us complete. They love him dearly and can hardly stand to be without him for any time at all. No doubt that this year made our lights a whole lot brighter.
As the year comes to a close, Bodie and Annelise are talking up a storm, discovering new things every day, and developing very distinct personalities! Bodie is orderly and busy as a bee ALL the time while Annelise is deep into her books again and always playing baby dolls. Brayton smiles non-stop! Laughs at his brother and sister and could care less about sleep. He is the happiest boy I have ever seen and still cuddles all day. I hope these phases stay a while because we just haven't had enough yet.
As for the grown ups in the house. . . Bodie is scraping up work as best he can. We have managed to stay busy and keep our guys working but things have slowed down for sure this time of year. While we struggle to adjust to this economy like so many others we continually count the amazing blessing we do have and remain grateful. We certainly cannot complain because our business is still operating and Bodie always manages to find something. He is quite amazing that way and we feel fortunate to know he is doing it for our family.
As for myself, well, I am still LOVING being home with the babies. I have taken on a few faux jobs here and there this winter and will do as many as I need to while the economy is so slow. The kids get Daddy time and the extra change doesn't hurt. Our hope is that I can continue to stay at home with the children as long as possible always keeping in mind that that plan may have to change one day. Until then, we just enjoy spending every hour of every day with them!

As the year closes in we look forward to ringing in the New Year in our favorite mountain town and enjoying the snow covered scenery with our family of five. We hope 2010 is a good one for us all! We think of you often and miss all the people we love living many miles away. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and God bless! We love you!!!

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