Monday, July 14, 2008

A Black Canyon Afternoon

We spent this past Sunday enjoying ourselves at the river as always. Daddy and I took turns racing our jet skis around the lake while the babies played in the shade. We even managed to get the very seldom family shot of everyone in the river playing. A rare moment for sure!
Daddy on his jet ski! Go Daddy Go!!!!
Mommy getting her turn as well!
The little fella was literally falling asleep here with his hands behind his head. If you knew how cold that water was you would be even more surprised. He is a true water baby.
Mommy and the babies on the river bank enjoying the warm weather. The babies were great all day and we never heard a peep out of either one. They had a great nap in the stroller and had a fabulous view of the hills and the river while they dined on the banks for dinner. Life should be this great for us all!

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Pedro Claus Kube said...

fantastic , great pictures.
lovely kids.
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Pedro Claus