Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Recent Activities

Annelise just looked too sweet in this dress so I had to show it to everyone.
Bodie crawls. . . EVERYWHERE!!!! We cannot keep this kid in our sights for more than a few seconds. He is soooo busy moving and exploring while Annelise is busy watching.
Our friends came to town this past weekend and the kids were happy to get some Jerrianna time in. It's always a treat to see them and it was nice to hang out on the river with them and the kids. We had a blast with them as always and hope they come again soon!Baby Bodie and his WILD hair!
Just the boys here! Some of our favorite friends have four of the sweetest children that we get to spend time with here and there. The boys requested this "All boy" picture so I had to put it up. We were lucky enough to have them for an afternoon and the babies were thrilled to have some fun playmates for the day.

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