Friday, October 31, 2008

Simi Valley or bust!

Uncle Jerry is as sweet as any uncle could be!
Aunt Georgia, Kim, Daddy and some fussy babies in Sacramento. Not every moment is your best!

Bid and little Jerry with Anastasia and Isabella. The little guy was in love with his adorable cousins! Annelise was just happy to get some more attention!

Their first time together! Instant best buddies! Nanny Giarrusso has a special way with babies for sure!

Great Nanny Giarrusso. She's almost 93!

Here are a few images from seeing the Giarrusso side of Bodie's family in Simi Valley California. The babies had such a wonderful time seeing everyone and meeting Great-Nanny Giarrusso for the first time ever! It was a trip well worth every mile and we are so appreciative to everyone for all their hospitality. Aunt Peggy even made a special prime rib dinner for 20 family members!! That's a brave woman!!!

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