Monday, October 27, 2008

California Babies

A little lovin' curteousy of Lisa Price.
The little guy was adorable driving the fire truck at the Pismo Beach Pier. We attended the local Crab Festival and had so much fun. Lots of people for the babies to watch and many new things to see.

Bodie thought that Kristie Dady was me. . . How flattering!!!!

Apparently he thinks he needs more sun screen?

The babies pretending to be big riding the jet ski.

We traveled all over California over the last week and a half visiting friends and family. I wasn't as good with the camera as I should have been I did manage a few pictures. We are so lucky that the babies love the beach so much!!! They play all day and rarely put up a fuss. Of course they eat their weight in sand on a daily basis but I'm hoping there is some benefit from it that we are currently unaware of. The weather was PERFECT!!! We were blessed with sunny warm days everyday and lots of friends we don't see often.

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