Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No such thing as a "Wordless Wednesday!"

I can't even try. . . those of you who know me know that "wordless" isn't something I am. I should be more often but instead of trying to be something I am not I have decided to throw in a few words.
Lately, the one thing that has abundantly clear to me is how much our children love each other. Obvioulsy, they are siblings and they should but it's been different lately. Lately they have hugged randomly for no reason what-so-ever more times than I can count. They have

loved on Brayton to the brink of suffocation! He takes it well though! It makes us laugh until our sides hurt and it also makes us proud. We can't help but feel we are doing something right and I hope they will keep it up! Our dream is that it never ends. . . We love you Bodie, Annelise, and Brayton!!!

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Machelle said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Ummm, how do you keep your house so clean with toddlers running around? Mine is always a mine field of toys....