Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everybody loves Brayton!

It deserved a second posting don't cha' think? Cute!!!
Happy + dimples = Brayton
Not a fan. At all!
Is a few weeks too late to post about our baby being six months old already? No. . . I didn't think so either! As crazy as it sounds to say our baby is getting big! He started sitting at the beginning of December and is still doing great! They always seem so big to me once they can do this. We still have our occasional fall but there are twin two year olds buzzing by him at a rapid fire pace to distract him so I totally understand.
Along with sitting we have started solids. If you call rice cereal a solid. With the twins, they loved any and all food. They were great eaters and never turned away a single thing. Brayton. . . not so much! His idea of a good meal is not something served up on a spoon. So far his favorite is carrots but even those are difficult to get in him. Clearly he isn't starving so I will rid myself of worry.
Speaking of his appearance, Brayton has made some great strides in growth as well. He is 16 lbs. 3 oz (30%) and 26" long (50%). Quite normal in his weight and height but to us he seems like a giant! Those little feathers atop his head are coming in light as ever too! We predict another blonde boy when there is more of it to judge. Blonde, bright blue eyes, and dimples. . . life should be hard for this little lover!
The very best thing I have to report though is his personality. What a cuddle bug! He is easy, content, strong, and has a laugh to draw anyone in! His big brother loves him more than any of us I am certain and Annelise adores him as well. We are still waiting for an ounce of jelousy to come but so far we are happy to report just the opposite. The twins can hardly pass him without kissing him or yealling "BaBeeeee!" For that we are grateful. He has been a light in our lives and we are blessed beyond words that he is here with us. We love you B!

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Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

SO CUTE!!! I cannot believe he is 6 months old! I love the pic with toys all over the floor...kiddos just takeover dont they?!! ANd we wouldnt have it any other way:-)