Saturday, February 27, 2010

Leaps and Bounds!

Well, well, well. . . .fancy meeting you here! Actually, fancy meeting me here after the week we have had. Let me put it to you this way. . . we have been on near lock-down at our house!!!! My sympathies have grown ten fold for people who have sick children. Ten fold I say!!!!! All of my children, thank goodness, have been healthy as an ox for as long as I can recall. My pediatrician even says my twins are some of the healthiest kids he has ever treated, How great huh?!? Not this week!!!!! At almost 2.5 years old Annelise has received her first dose of antibiotic for a DOUBLE ear infection! Brayton also had one and the two of them together were some FULL TIME work for mommy and daddy! Brayton had it first and seemed to be totally over it until two nights ago and now he has a whopper of a cold again! Oy-voy! Let's hope we are on the up-and-up!
In more exciting news, our new cousins are home!!!! Hurray! After a bumpy ride mommy and babies are doing well and feeding and growing! We are just thrilled by this and hope to meet them very soon!!!! It's an amazing blessing!
Other fun things we managed to do during our days of wellness and days prior to illness were sort of thrilling as well! I actually attended my dear friend Belinda's 50th birthday party! It was a real treat to be out amongst adults and I even stayed 2 full hours! Big step for me! I mean that too. I probably need therapy for seperation anxiety from the babies but I will promise to sign up by the time they are 18!!! We also hit gymnastics with some friends where Bodie proved to be a real monkey and Annelise jumped around like a crazy girl! It really is fun to get your sillies out! Other than a few playdates (thank you Ames' girls and Kiyah) we had a pretty normal week. Motorcycles in the yard, walks, and some crafts. However, stay tuned for the next posting when we have some EXCITING news to share! LOL!!!!!

Preston in his car seat! Is this the cutest baby EVER???????? I think perhaps!
Bodie jumping in the foam pit fearlessly!
Annelise and her 20' trampoline gooditimes!
Brayton chillin' with Amber and her sweet baby boy Cayuse.
Annelise and Daddy.
Bodie swinging like the monkey he is at Danik Gymnastics!
All the kids coloring at our weekly Ames dinner.
He is finally growing into his hat!
Go Anna go!
Very scary Bodie!!!!!! ROAR!

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Hey you guys how cute you all are.