Sunday, November 7, 2010

I think I'm gonna like it here!!!!

Sometimes you can just see happiness. I know I can. As many of you know, we are 27 miles out of Bismarck. Well, it may not be for everybody but we love it. I mean LOVE it! One thing I have noticed is that when you take away all the distractions in your life, you are able to focus on the most important things like your family. No wonder we are so thrilled with North Dakota! With no television or electronic games for the children our entertainment really comes from each other. Can't say I mind it at all!

The windmills in the background are all around us. It's far more windy out here than we are use to but the children are excited about so much kit flying weather. Their Nanny got them a kite last year and it has been put to good use!
That's an old school house on the property. Quaint huh? Built in the early 1800's and the owner's of the property stay there when in town. Luckily, they are really great people and we don't mind at all. We love the charm of it out here and the children think it's pretty cool too.
When you have nothing else to do, go bowling with pumpkins. Down slides of course!
Brayton running. . . .he does a lot of that around here! We have so much wide open space that we all run around a lot these days. Quite frankly, it's fun. Try it!
One of the many bird houses on the property. We cannot wait to see who sets up nest in there come spring.
On our front porch playing. It's a little older than our old house. A little more lived in. Not quite as big or renovated but it sure is cozy. The bushes are overgrown and the paint needs a little love but we are all tucked snuggly under that shake roof and nothing seems to be more important than that these days.
School WAS in session.. . . .Old school house actually has old school bench. Kids find this thrilling!
This is the nest above the barn door. We plan on getting a ladder and looking in this week. Not touching but certainly looking. Who can resist? We use to have hummingbird nests in our old yard (Now our renters have them, LUCKY!) but now we are anxious to see who will be living here!
Why was Bodie so happy? I actually have no idea. Perhaps it was because his entire family is all under one roof and has been for three weeks. Maybe it's because he's 3 and I typically find this age to be a happy one. Maybe it's because he has a little crush on his swim teacher? Neither here, nor there. . . does it actually matter why? Nope! I didn't think so either!
This is a picture from our first playgroup. I would love to have called it a total success, except it wasn't. The crowd was. . . .interesting. The kids were. . . .. tougher than normal, and the parent's were. . . .distracted by starbucks. However, one kind mother reassured me that not every week is like that and it really is a great group of kids so we shall try again this week. After all, we don't have any other plans. Fingers crossed everyone!!!
This is Kelly. Kelly is amazing. Not sure? Ask Bodie! He LOVES her! The twins started swim lessons this week at the YMCA. We recently became members there and love it. I normally HATE working out but actually find the little time away from the kids relaxing now. They love the play center and I love my limited time away. Plus, the swim lessons have been great for the twins. Those of you with singletons have no idea how hard it is to do swim lessons with twins. They love it! We love it! We have made friends! What more could we ask for?
Because I love her! She has been so, "Girly" lately. She is a little dramatic at times. A tad sensitive and a bit goofy too. What can we say. . .we have our girl. This girl is also the most generous, kind, polite, and thoughtful 3 year old I know.
Say no more! He is a dream. However, can someone tell me why my toddler that slept thru the night is now getting up? Up once, twice, even three times every now and then? Who is he? What and why on earth? Please sweet baby that takes all his naps so sweetly, please sleep!!!!

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So happy your family is back together and happy!