Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a Ride!!!!

We're here!!!!! Well, we have actually been here for two weeks now but I am just now finding the time to write a post about the last month. It has been one crazy, amazing, fun, jam-packed, eventful month! To start it all off, we decided to pull the trigger and just move this fall to North Dakota. Well, we rented our house faster than we thought we would (to the best renter's ever!) and that put our plan on the fast track. Two weeks later we had the moving truck on the driveway and all our friends over to help load the puppy! Bodie was in ND working the entire time as well so I was one busy lady while he kept the crew's on task 1,100+ miles away.
In the middle of all that craziness we had birthday parties, going away parties, our must see pumpkin patch outings, and of course visits with friends while we packed the house up! Whew! The children were troopers and really did great the entire time. I was actually glad it was so busy because it left me little time to get all weepy. In all actuallity it gave me special time with dear friends and a lot of time to reflect on the people I love and already miss.
The trip started out a little rocky. On night one, we broke down at 11 pm just over the Montana state line in freezing temps. Bodie was driving the 24' rental truck and I had the F-250 pulling the 32' flat bed trailer that was loaded with my packed Tahoe and a lot more. The F-250 lost both alternators and had to be towed. No biggie had we not been in the middle of nowhere at the wee hours. We had to unload the Tahoe, unpack the tahoe, switch the car seats, and then pack the truck with all the stuff from the Tahoe. Did you follow that???? Me either but it all turned out well and left us with a thrilling start and a great story to tell.
We finally made it to our new home 2.5 days later!!!! Needless to say we have been busy UNpacking. The house has had it's issues but it is certainly turning out quite cute. The kid's love the new adventure and are quickly adjusting to life in the country. We are 27 miles out of Bismarck so it's a ways out here but we all really do love it. So far we have joined the YMCA, started swimming lessons, and this Friday we have our first playgroup where we hope to make some new friends as well. All in all, we love it! We have even had our first storm! The best part is that we are all together again. Can't believe we did the travel for so long. We miss our friends and family but we look forward to the visits and know that they are just a phone call away for now.
Brayton with Daddy putzing aroung the farm.
Bodie FULL THROTTLE around the farm!
The children think the wind here is great! Flying the kite is a new favorite past time. Luckily, ND has plenty of wind!! LITERALLY!
Bodie at the new house. The mattress in the background that we had to hoist up to the 2nd story to get in the house after taking out the window. Should be fun when we leave!
Brayton with Belinda. He managed to snuggle every woman that came over to help. He's a lover!
Could be his first crush here! Brayton and Barbie=love!
Loving on Aunt Angela at Natalie's party! Miss them both!!!
Bodie wrangled a grape soda at a party. . . He loved it to say the least!
Annelise at one of our many trips to the pumpkin patch!
Desi was a gift from my friend Jerianna! She sent her over from Portland to watch the kids while I packed and WOW did it help!!! We love her dearly and were so grateful for her help.
Packing fun!

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Its A Corny Life... said...

Good Lord girl, do you know how to make things happen! Aside from moving your entire family, I can't believe you've already started swimming lessons and hooked up with a playdate group. I've been in the same place for 5 years and have 2 kids and have yet to join a playdate group.