Saturday, April 30, 2011

Swim Lessons Pay Off!!!!!

Lessons. . .. I love them! We have been taking swim lessons now for 6 months and I cannot express how much I love them! For many reasons to be honest. First of all, I believe in children taking lessons (of any kind, really) to learn how to follow instruction, to learn how to memorize basic intruction, to have a group of children they have a common interest in, and to become a well rounded person overall. Swim lessons here in North Dakota have not disapointed!!!!!

I take the Perch class with Brayton at the same time Bodie and Annelise are having a lesson so I rarely get to watch the twin's anymore. However, the other day, Daddy came with us and took Brayton while I watched. A nice treat! The shocker. . . .Bodie and Annelise CAN SWIM!!!!!!! I am not talking Michael Phelps here but Annelise can swim to the edge from about 3-5' away and Bodie can do it from about 8' away!!! It's an adorable doggy paddle but the point is that they can save their own life if needed! I cannot put into words how proud I am of them and their accomplishment. They are only 3.5! No one was holding them up and they did it!

Brayton and his teacher, Mary, have a great time! Daddy was pretty impressed with Brayton as well. He can float on his back all by himself now and does total bob's underwater with great ease! This particular day was the day after Easter so we eneded up getting a private class since everyone was still away on vacation. Super spoiled!

Annelise working on her back float and Bodie doing a Bob while waiting his turn.

These two stick together no matter what!

Brayton can also identify the edge of the pool, grab the wall and climb out on his own. A life saving skill that most people asume their child will do but normally won't unless taught. It is such a relief to know he thinks of how get himself safe first incase of an emergency. There is simply no price tag you can put on what we have accomplished! Yeah Bodie, Anna, and Brayton!!!!

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