Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Fun!

I love coloring Easter Eggs. I love the colors and the excitement from the children when we bust out the hard boiled eggs and all our bright colors! This year seemed so different because of the winter weather but we celebrated in traditional family style and made a HUGE mess!
We are kind of known for our Easter Egg painting competition where I bust out the paint brushes and acrylic paints but this year we geared it down. Still, all three of the children loved doing it all by themselves. No help from Mommy and I think that could have gone without saying after you see the pictures.

Music was playing in the background, eggs were being washed in bright colors, and Brayton was nakie baby while working. Nothing new around here!

Annelise is a perfectionist about each and every egg. She carefully puts the color on with a Q-tip instead of full submersion to guarentee the perfect color.

The hunt was ON!!!!

This hunt had it's share of messy hair, that's for sure!

Peter Cottontail was sure sweet to bring the children a new swimming suite and towel!!! They loved their baskets and were happy to see he found us here in ND!

Now to eat the loot. Breakfast of jelly beans once a year sure won't hurt.

To make the holiday even more special, we were invited over to a friend's house for Easter Dinner.

Lisa had to hold the children back, literally, before she gave the go ahead!! Kid's will sure get antsy while waiting for their sugar!

I love this shot!

The Easter Egg hunt was a major success and they all had a great time. We felt so welcomed and embraced by the Rhone family that it made being away from our own family much easier. It really is amazing to us the way people have opened their homes and hearts to us. Not only was the dinner DELICIOUS, but the company was absolutley divine. I'd call us lucky but not even that begins to describe it. Blessed. We are simply blessed!

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Rebecca Bany said...

We make a huge mess coloring eggs also and love every minute of it!