Monday, May 23, 2011

The Motley Crue goes Home Sweet Home

Ok, I am a little slow at getting this up here and I think I may have taken it a little far on the number of pictures BUT. . . .Here goes!!!

First of all, can I just say that I actually look forward to the drive. The 16.5 hour drive, all in one day, is so pleasant for us. The children are kept on their schedule the entire time and we get to see some of the most amazing scenery in the world!! This time was no different! This trip was our most animal filled to date! We saw rabbits, multiple fox, an adult wolf pass in front of our truck, a wolf pup, a turkey, deer by the boat load, elk, antelope, three moose's, and loads of buffalo. The icing on the cake, however, was while driving through Yellowstone we came upon numerous "Buffalo in Road" signs. Obviously, we see buffalo everytime but this time I knew something was different. People had their cameras out (not me though :( )and were driving so slow past the end of a herd. Then, when I came upon it, I realized a buffalo had JUST given birth to her baby!!! I mean seconds before we came upon her. It was so neat to be there and see that miracle of an animal that was almost extinct at one time. Another moment I am so glad to say my children had the chance to see!

We were so fortunate that our renter is a dear friend and that she didn't mind us staying with her at all. She has taken such amazing care of our home and we were so glad to see her making it a home for her and her son. She is also the best gardner I have EVER known, and I know a few, so our yard is also benefitting from her handy work!! Lucky us!!!!
The kids all loved playing back at their own home. The twin's remembered so much about our house and weren't at all confused at why we aren't there and someone else is. It was great to have so many friend's and family come by to see us as well. A few of the days we were lucky enough to just let the people roll in and out of the house while we relaxed and played. Honestly, I figured since I drove 16.5 hours, a lot of people could make it to us instead of us hauling to see them and everyone seemed to be alright with that theory. Thankfully, all the people we love and miss were amazing at helping me out and making it easier on this traveling Motley Crue! Thanks to everyone!!!!!

One of our most missed toys. . . The swingset!!!!! Thankfully, we had lot's of time with Papop while at home. I must admit, I think I miss my Dad more than anything and it only felt like home the minute he showed up!

Playing at the house with Wyatt's bunny. Phineas. What a cute name for a cute bunny!

We speant a lot of time with the Dillon clan. I got to meet Lauren for the first time and must say, I am in love!!! Look at her! Who wouldn't be???

Ok, I don't know how to get rid of the double picture and am NOT starting over! Sorry!

The, always awesome, Uncle Kurt. Annelise was born with a natural admiration of Uncle Kurt. She seriously love him more than any of them and talks about him often. She was pretty jazzed to see him! So was I!

Our niece's Chelsea and Natasha with new baby Kamryn. Chelsea looked AMAZING when we saw her and Natasha's baby was so sweet and beautiful that I contemplated taking her home. However, I think Natasha would have disapproved!

Kid's playing. . . .we did a lot of this!Playing with Phineas. We did a lot of this too!

A trip to the zoo where we met numerous friend's and family. I have to say, this was a great day and a fun way to see a lot of people and have a great time being somewhere we love. Uncle Wade was a big kid and lot's of fun! What uncle do you know that will go down that slide a hundred times. We stayed for most the day and had a beautiful afternoon.

Part of the Zoo Posse!

Our favorite part!

The kid's also got to hang out with their Best Friends! Anna cried when we left, which in turn broke my heart into a million small bits! She just loves this awesome group of kid's so much! So do we. When you find well behaved, well mannered, outgoing, kind, and loving children whose parent's you also love. . . WIN, WIN!!!!!! We miss them lot's!

The main reason we came home! My niece, Natalie is pregnant (5 months, I know. . I can't even tell either!) and had an amazing shower! That cake was all edible and AMAZING!!!! Andy Kingston made it and we were all in AWE! The shower was BEAUTIFUL and there is no doubt this baby is ooober loved already. At the end of summer we will all be excited to welcome baby Tenley!The Wheeler girl's are some more of our dear buddies that we miss!!!

Annelise also has a special bond with Aunt Angela. Perhaps, it's the love of jewlery that bonds these two but Anna always manages to spend some quality time with her and the bunny Bella.

Dinner at Uncle Boyd's and Aunt Donna's proved to be another wonderful fiest! They can cook!! Brayton was holding Kamryn only I'm not sure he knew what to do with her!

Another Moose on the way home in Yellowstone. Such beautiful animals.

A lot of people ask what I do about the bathroom on the road. Well, sorry if this is TMI, however, here is what we do. We take our perfectly potty trained children and make them go in a diaper instead of draggin us all in a dirty gas station bathroom. Once Brayton is old enough to not touch everything, we will revisit this plan but in the mean time, here is what we do! How lucky to be able to do your business with the backdrop of Yellowstone!!

So, that's it in a nutshell! Thank you to all the people who came over, went out with us on Friday night (GOOD TIMES!!!!!), hosted dinner for our family, let us stay with them, loved on us, showered the children with affection, and made me grateful for everyone we miss daily! We cannot wait to come home again in July and celebrate the wedding's of Nick and Nat!!! We sure felt loved and missed ourselves! Home was certainly sweet!!!!


Summer Jo said...

I'm visiting from Blog Frog... I wanted to tell you that if you do not have it on your computer already downloand Windows Live Media Gallery - it has a great tool for creating blog post and makes it easy to manipulate your format and your pics! Your family is beautiful!

Holtan-Bates family said...

Thank you Summer Jo!!! For the tip and the compliment! Ditto! Your daughter in the Mckmama pics is so adorable when she is sticking out her tongue. My ds did that at her age and it reminded me of him!