Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mine is a Dandelion Life!

Some of my favorite things have come in the form of weeds.

I supose you could say that needing to do IVF to have our first two children was a sort of weed in our life.

Maybe having to move the plains of North Dakota was another patch of dandelions in our life.

So it all may seem.

Yesterday, it rained all morning. After the rain, we headed outside to pick "flowers". I was showered with dandelion bouquets of every shape and size. What I find truly interesting is that earlier that morning, while Bodie and I were drinking our morning coffee together, we both noted that there wasn't a single dandelion in sight at this house. See, our house back in Idaho usually has an issue in the early spring with dandelions and since we had just been there, it was still fresh in our mind. Oddly enough, by early afternoon, we had more dandelions than you can shake a stick at. It makes me laugh just to think of the irony.

So it got me thinking. Weed? Or flower? The way you view a dandelion may not change your life but I can say, it is changing mine. See, when we had everything we ever wanted (so it seemed) all we truly wanted was a child. All the success and money in the bank didn't compare to what we knew we were missing. So many people expressed their sadness for us when we had to go the IVF route. We were never sad about it. Not even for a second. The result was Annelise and Bodie! I had always, always dreamed of having twins. It was a desire that I have had since I was very little. So from that dandelion in my life, sprang my most beautiful flowers! As a result, we were lucky enough to even have a miracle baby, Brayton!

Obviously, moving to North Dakota might be thought of as a weed as well. However, the pace of life here and the way people treat their neighbor has been a humbling and amazing gift to us. We were blessed to be welcomed with open arms of strangers, kindness from every corner, and granted a kind of unity in this family that might never have come otherwise. It's just so amazing to me how God really gives you what you need when you least expect it.

So next time you see a dandelion just try to see the flower. I know I haven't even posted pics from our trip back home yet or our trip to Minnesota that we just got home from but the sun is shining and we have some flowers to pick. I hope all your weeds become bouquets of the sweetest smelling flowers!

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