Sunday, March 16, 2008

December. . .Crazy December!!!

We had growing babies for sure!!! Smiles were pooring from Annelise and Bodie learned to laugh out loud. We had the best time making them laugh and smile often cracking ourselves up as well. The things grown men and women will do to get a baby to grin!! Bodie had a rough month due to an ear infection he had right after Thanksgiving. The antibiotic did some damage and the little guy then came down with a violent case of thrush. All this led to reflux symptoms and eventually a scope and MRI. I am happy to report that he is healthy as can be and will only know he didn't feel well by the hospitals "Get Well" card and wrist band. Annelise was a great cheerleader and perhaps pom poms are in her future! All in all they both grew and ended the year around 10 lbs. with newly forming rolls on those adorable thighs!

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