Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Mobleys come to Idaho!

What fun! We were super blessed when Todd and Jerianna Mobley decided an Idaho trip was in their near future. The family loaded up and came over the second weekend of March bringing Evan, Gretta, and Abby for some more Idaho fun. The weekend was so much fun and between the snow and dirt I think everyone had something that they enjoyed. Gretta is the next Picasso for sure and when Abby crawled into bed with me at 3 am I knew that kid was trying to run away with my heart! Even and Big Bodie had some pretty special "Man" time riding and Todd shredded the local Trinity mountains on snowmobile with Bodie. The weekend was so beautiful and I can safely say that even though Jerianna and I didn't do much along the lines of physical activity, we sure had a good time. We LOVE to have people come visit and stay and it's even better when you just adore your company.

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