Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A week of play!

Well, it has certainly been a busy summer. We are finally starting to wind down from months of summer fun and we are beginning to look forward to our winter activities. Last week we spent MANY hours in our new ball pit playing and getting to know our colors. We also attended the local Art In the Park with our sweet friends Saydie and Nadia. It was a great year and we found lots of things we never knew we needed. :) This list includes a fancy new tutu for Anna and some glittery wings! Annelise was HILARIOUS as she danced to the band. We have a lover of music on our hands for sure with her and dance classes are just around the corner I'm certain! Bodie fell in love with Saydie's straw but who can complain when entertainment is that cheap? Finally, we hit the lake on Sunday for some of the last hot days. It was Nadia's first time out on a boat and she was sure a happy boater! We had a great week and just thought we would share some of our moments.


kristalkaye said...

Kim, this is beautiful! Me and Jas had a blast looking at all of the pictures! My BFFs are adorable!

Kristal Kaye

kristalkaye said...
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