Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Bodie and Annelise!!!!

The babies have turned one!!!! Can anyone actually believe it?? We still call them babies and the reality is they are finally toddlers! We had a house full of friends and family the entire night and the babies were loved, hugged, held, and doted on for hours! Our friends from Portland even brought a keg of root beer for the kids and they were all in heaven pooring themselves soda from the tap all night. We had plenty of food, drinks, and cake to make any party great thanks to all our friends and family who made goodies. As you can see the babies loved playing in the cake but didn't really eat too much of it. They hadn't had sweets before and neither one was as thrilled as I thought they would be and I was actually happy about that. They made out like bandits on the gifts and have been having a blast playing with all the new stuff! I would have to say we all had a great time!!! The babies were exhausted and slept great that night as well.
It's still hard to believe they are a year old but what a wonderful year it has been. We were so grateful to celebrate with all our friends and family and truly feel blessed. Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate!!

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