Friday, September 12, 2008

Then and Now

It's hard to believe it's been a year! As we look back we could not have even imagined how blessed our year would be. After our struggle to have the twins at all and then to deal with a premature delivery we can honestly say we feel like lottery winners! Bodie and Annelise have been such great babies and we have enjoyed sharing them with all our friends and family so much. Every day they do something or say something that just simply puts the biggest smile on our faces. What more could we ever ask for??? The two of them are the best of friends and yet they bite! Every day is filled with moments that I am so grateful to see and so sad to see go. Our circle of friends and family have been with us this year as well and we love every one of you for it! What lucky babies but more than that. . . what lucky parents!

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Shannon said...

Hi! For some reason I looked at the old ivf board and saw your name! I remember how awesome you were to everyone-you always were to first one to congratulate or comfort someone. I saw your blog site and I was so excited because I love blogging too!

I don't know if you even remember me but my name on the board was Shanny. We got pregnant about the same time and were on the board most of the time for Fall babies. We also got picked for adoption so I got my little boy in the summer and had my girl on October 27th.

Anyway it was so fun to see your blog-your babies are BEAUTIFUL! It is so good to see you doing so well! Come check mine out if you have the time!