Sunday, November 2, 2008

Harvest Festival at the McCurry Ranch

Annalise, Annelise and Bodie rocking to scary music.
Paula turning Tigger into a scary Mummy!!!

April giving Bodie a lift while husband Brad looks on.

Daddy with the babies in the barn.

Mommy with Mickey and Minnie. Thanks to Bobbi and Jen for the cute costumes! Hand-me-downs are priceless!!!

This year for Halloween we attended the Harvest Festival at the McCurry Ranch. Our friends have a beautiful ranch out on the river in Hammett and along with their four great kids, plenty of animals, and a great group of friends they hosted a super fun time! They had all sorts of activites for the kids and loads of great food. Spooky music and lit up jack-o-lanterns created a great holiday escape and fun memories for the babies first real Halloween. Last year they were still so small at only 2 months old so we really looked forward to this year. We have managed to milk every fall activity we have been able to find so far and the whole family is loving it! Paula and Todd McCurry are just an inspiration to us and we admire their parenting skills so much that we feel super blessed to have such great first Halloween memories with them!

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~Sophia and Noahs Mommy~ said...

This is so funny. I just ordered Minnie Mouse for Sophia in 12-18m and am trying to find a Mickey for Noah. We are def on the same page with our twins. So cute.