Monday, July 27, 2009

The price of making memories!

Brayton was a big hit and my friend April's babyshower. This was her beautiful niece Courtlynn.

Daddy taking Bodie on his first stand-up jet ski ride!

Annelise watching her brother take off with our good friends Saydie and her daughter Nadia.

Bodie will be so thrilled with this picture of him and our friend Amber when he's older!

Annelise flirting with us all!

A weekly trip to the public pool.

Annelise and Bodie opening up presents from Great Aunt and Uncle Peggy and Jerry. A BIG hit!!!

As I walked across my kitchen floor the other day and bits and pieces of food stuck to my feet I instantly wanted to grab the broom and sweep! It was killing me that I was running short on time and had to pack the kids for the trip we were taking to the lake instead of cleaning my kitchen floor. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE a clean home and perfectly folded laundry. Armed with my Brother P-touch lable maker I am a crazy neat freak! However, that day, like so many others recently my floors had to wait.
It didn't dawn on me until it happened to me again just a day later. . . This was the price of making memories. The clothes have sat longer than they ever have upon the wash machine waiting to be put in their place and the dishwasher may not get emptied on the same day anymore. My baseboards no longer see a dusting ever other week and the garden. . . well, let's not go there! On the other hand, every time my children light up at our recent activity or seeing a friend at a playdate makes them scream in delight I don't even think for a split second about the garden or those baseboards.
Yep. . .I wouldn't eat a thing off of my floor people! I would wear your shoes inside if you were smart and I certainly wouldn't give me the white glove test unless you want to make me cry. This is the price we are absolutley willing to pay every hour of every day so that our children can experience every joy we are capable of giving them. One day I hope they look back on their lives and think fondly of the fun adventures they went on and the great people they shared them with along the way.It's a small price to pay for making memories.

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