Thursday, July 23, 2009

TV-less land!

Black Canyon boating. "May I eat your toes!"
"Did someone say Volleyball?"
Annelise posing as a model!
The Wheeler girls at your service!
My boy giving Frank a run for his money with the blue eyes!
We had to use the fork lift to pick up the massive piles of tree limbs. We let the little guy drive!

Beaches are for naked people silly!
Yogurt. . . .EVERYWHERE!
Did I tell you that we don't have TV here? Well, we don't! Nothing! Not even the local stations. Our television is no more than a static highway and has been for about a month. To be honest, I was " cutting" back on things I didn't think we needed and tv fell into that category. We actually enjoy not having it most days and we also get out even more than we already did before. As a result of this new lifestyle I think we have been boating 4 times in a week, pruned all 20 trees and island, had about 4 playdates, and made something new for dinner almost every night in the last week. Throw in all the meals for the kids, baths, laundry, grocery shopping, and what a week. PHEW! Oh yeah, thank you cards and baby announcements too! Now that I write all of this I am tired and need more sleep! :)

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