Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two weeks notice!

He already raises his eyebrows at us!
Annelise at the lake.
Just a little naked play time in the yard.
Malibu Baby!
An afternoon at the pool playing airplane with Daddy!

The only photo I have with all three in it at home. Go figure one is naked, one is alseep, and one is playing with cobwebs!

Gotta just love her!
Shoveling in the strawberries!
Boy and his best friend!
Upload images. . . upload images. . . .That is what I read when making a new post and let me tell you, I'm trying! I'm trying to upload every single second that my children are small. I am desperately trying to not forget one single solitary moment of their lives and somehow it is flying by at the speed of life! It has already been two weeks since we added another sweet boy to the mix. He is already 7 pounds 8 ounces and I'm almost certain he is even bigger as I write this.
Our hands are indeed full as can be with three children under the age of two but there is simply nothing more wonderful. So if there is someway I can upload all these moments, upload all the perfect images, and upload every laugh. . . I would gladly like to know how.
The past two weeks have been so busy with so much to share. We have had TONS of amazing family and friends stop by to meet Brayton and relish love upon the twins. It's been great! As many who know me know, I am not one who likes help but I do LOVE a friendly visit and people who simply stop by so we can enjoy some quality time together. Lucky for us a bunch of friends and family brought food and we have been eating like Kings! Poor Bodie was about to waste away so Thanks to everyone for keeping him alive! Besides all the visitors we have managed to hit a 4th of July party with good friends, made a few lake trips with both friends and family, and had the usual round of Dr.'s appointments for Brayton and me. We took in an afternoon at the pool, a few playdates, and an evening at the park as well. I don't mind all the action since Brayton and myself lay pretty low while the kids run around and Daddy helps round them all up at the end of the day. It sure is nice to be getting back to my old self and the baby is so easy that I can't say I have a thing to complain about.
The twins have also adjusted quite well to their new brother. I honestly think they are far more worried about each other now that they can torment each other by stealing toys and milk cups from one another. Annelise likes to make sure he always has a burp rag and she holds him a few times a day but next to that I think they are waiting for him to do something other than lay there looking at them. Not a bit jelous yet either but they never have had the spot light to themselves.
All in all, we are recovered, getting into a new routine, and enjoying our newest member of the Bates house to the max! Life really is good. Now if I could just upload every minute. . .

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