Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Duh-duh-dun!!!!!!!!! Our big new Surprise!!!!!

What could bring a smile on the faces of these three beautiful children you ask???
Or keep numerous children entertained for hours and hours???
Or put a smile on my daughters face so big and make her wear a very sassy outfit to show her excitement????
Why, it is this AMAZING swingset if you must know!!!!
That is right! Our big, very thrilling surprise has been this swingset! An addtition to our yard that is sure to add many memories and laughs for our family! The best part is that it was a gift from Grandpa Duane!!!! Better known around here now days as PaPop! Even better known as my Daddy!
I adore these little windows! Much to Big Bodie's surprise, not one single solitary piece was already put together so even these adorable windows were a work of love! Bodie worked on this puppy for around 20 hours!!!! No joke! It didn't help that little Bodie wanted to help the entire time but his Daddy was happy to teach him the ropes of carpentry!

Annelise making sure the ladder was sturdy!
My little guy working away!
Almost there. . .

We are indeed grateful for our fork lift when it comes to putting this baby together!

Look close and you can Bodie helping his Daddy drive. Is 2 too young to start driving??
Even Uncle Wade was curious about how things were going. Word of a good thing spreads fast!
All the pieces. . . . oy-voy!
HUNDREDS. . . .I am serious. . . .HUNDREDS of planks of wood just waiting for us to get our hands on! Our garage was clear of all cars and still, we ran out of places to put the numbered pieces!
The swing set has already proven to be a HUGE hit! We have had NUMEROUS playdates over here and not a single kid was ready to leave when the time came. The twins cannot get enough of it and are so grateful to my Dad for the gift. More than the gift, we are grateful for my Dad. This gift will always remind me of my Dad's never ending generousity and his love for his family. If you didn't know it, my Dad is a pretty amazing Dad and I am blessed lightyears beyond this swingset.
We ADORE the swingset and welcome all our friends to come play on our great new toy!!!

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