Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ready. . . .Set. . . .EASTER!!!!!!!!

The kids all playing out at Big Willow. We love to go dirt biking out there and the kids love it equally as much!
The little ones loving the time they get with one another.

BFF's. . .. already!
Man and his boy! Both adorable if you ask me.
Blurry picture but adorable! The girls were making mud messes and having a blast!
Brayton sleeping thru another good time.
Daddy and Bodie on the bicycle at Big Willow!
Our friend's girls introducing Annelise and Bodie to their first movie ever! Cinderella! It was a hit!
Bodie taking it slow. . . . Very. . . . . . .. very. . . . .. . very. . . .. v. . e. . .r. . .. ..y slow!
Swimming at the YMCA with our friends.
Coloring Easter eggs with friends!
He's a good egg. . . just read his shirt!
Bodie and his buddy Evan in from out of town! How lucky are we to have house guests!!!
Ready, get set. . . . . . . .Go crazy! Nope. Not a misprint! The kids go insane and I mean that! Two year olds going nuts for candy and mine were no different. Ok, mine were mellow in comparison but once they remembered the sweet taste of the candy it was GAME ON!!!!
Greta helping Annelise at the Easter Eggstravaganza at the zoo!
It was a mad dash for some eggs but thank goodness for Greta's experience!Kids in a Tiki hut. . .cute no matter what! I was so impressed with how well behaved all my friend's children were. What a pleasure to have them in our lives.
Brayton at the zoo. Clearly, not as impressed.
Wyatt, Abby, and Bodie. He loves the older ladies! ;)
Anna mid dance at the zoo. So funny!
This has been a whirlwind week! First of all, anyone who knows me knows that I milk every holiday for all it's worth! Easter is no different and that means Easter eggs, friends, and tons of fun! The weather had been great and we have lavished the sun and a little rain upon ourselves! We were blessed enough to have dear friends come from Portland and to see so many of our local friends as well. Playdates, the zoo, 3 Easter egg hunts so far, and lots of time with Daddy. March will be a hard month to beat for sure but we have had a blast!!!!!!!

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