Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yes Sir, that's my baby!!!

Grandpa calls me "Smiley"!
Not sure what to think of the mini three wheeler.
Love my cousin Chelsea!
Thrilled to be learning new moves!
Enjoying some swing time with mommy.

Brayton Elliot! Our 8 month old baby is getting so big! Watching him grow is just such a joy for our entire family. He has started to crawl today and I have a feeling by the end of the week he will have it mastered. Although he can not get far yet, I anticipate chasing him around very soon. This boy is so happy! Always smiling and laughing. He is particularly fond of Annelise and her silly behavior. She knows he loves it and it really gets her wound up and in her most goofy personality. Truly keeps us all laughing.
Bodie is his official cuddler. Bodie loves to grab his ear and rub it while saying Brayton's name over and over. Serioulsy sweet enough to melt any heart. Brothers are a rare bond that shines quite bright at our house. I really hope they are always such great friends.
Brayton. . . .B. . . .Licious. . . .Baby. . . .Little man. . . .Call him what ever you would like. He is our best surprise ever and a little bit of magic for our family every day.


Machelle said...

woah woah woah....slow down a minute. HE IS 8 MONTHS OLD ALREADY?!?! Gosh!!! And I agree, he is one of the cutest ever...really? No more kids for you guys? You make them so beautiful!

Brandy said...

I'm still waiting for the big surprise post.... You have me totally intrigued. I just bought my tix for AZ. I can't wait to meet your munchkins (and of course see you, too)!