Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family Photo time. . . .

Last weekend we were making our best effort for the main men in our lives! Bodie's father turned 70 on Monday and we desperately wanted to get him something special. Since the family photo in our house is almost. . . . oh! That's right! There isn't one!!!! So, we rallied up our troops and a dear friend while dirtbiking this weekend and came up with a decent photo! The picture doesn't do any of the kids justice but at least we did it! Little does my father know, he will be getting one as well!!!! :)
On a little side note. . . We don't get to see Bodie's Dad as often as we would like to but every time we do we are reminded of what a great man he is! His work ethic and honesty are some of the qualities I hope my children will learn from him. He is always good for some laughs and a story over a Ham's while Linda makes some of the best food ever! They are an absolute delight and we all truly enjoy every second we have with them.

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