Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This and a that and a this and a. . .

The weather has been raining here lately! Yeah!!! I sincerely love a good rain and thought that we would just make some fun out of it. So lately we have dawned our "umbwella's" and went right out into the thick of it. We played in the rain for about two hours this morning and they hadn't had enough when it was time to come in. You can't tell by this picture but it was raining HARD this particular morning and even Brayton (tucked snuggly in the bjorn) was super thrilled and amazed by the down pour. I love that these kids are all in no matter the activity!
This is our first geocach find! Whaaahoooo! I had never heard of goecaching until our dear friends told us about the treasure hunt that goes world wide! You need a GPS and the skills to actually use it but once you have that down it's nothing but fun! You find a treasure, sign the log book and leave a treasure from your own family. They are all over the world and there were even over a hundred within 3 miles of my house! WOW! This one we found out in the hills in Big Willow. It was so exciting to be hunting for real treasure and I am certain we have found a new habit!!

Four teeth and cute as a button! His burn is almost 100% better now and as he approaches his first birthday we are both excited for all the adventures we know he will have but also a little sad. Our baby is almost one and it's hard for me to swallow that he is really our last. Don't get me wrong. . . . WE are DONE! Just wish these baby months could have gone slower. What a beautiful, sweet, funny, and curious baby he is! Love you B!!!!!!
The twins hugging, Brayton checking out a bug, the hills in the background, hanging out at one of our favorite places. . . this is my life! Lucky are we!
Ok, I must admit. I didn't really fall! We were goecaching and our next treasure was 1.25 miles away so we walked. Down hill to get to it. Some of it was VERY down hill. Needless to say "Where you walk to you must walk from." You guessed it! We had to walk UP HILL with this stroller for over 1.25 miles!!!! VERY up hill!!! This picture looks like we were going down hill but only because we staged it to look that way. We were laughing so hard at ourselves and thought we were so funny. I love a good joke and this photo just made me laugh so hard. That's all Folks!

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